GED Test for Adults

How is GED Helpful for Adults

While discussing its importance, historical circumstances which led to the implementation of GED should be remembered. The first test was offered to the military personnel who returned to lead a civilian life after rendering their services in battlefields during World War II. War deprived military personnel's chances to complete their high school education. In America, high school graduation is the minimum respectable educational qualification. It enables citizens to earn a job and to apply for college admissions. War is one of the many reasons which prevents citizens from completing their high school education. Lack of education is an impediment for a citizen's personal growth and career development. This in turn, becomes a deciding factor of his or her living standard. As a result, a citizen may feel that he or she is being excluded from the mainstream of the society. GED tries to resolve all these problems through inclusion and diversification. It provides an opportunity to those citizens who want to upgrade or demonstrate their academic skills. The test is designed to validate a citizen's mastery of high school level academic skills. If a citizen proves that he or she has mastered high school level academic skills, he or she will obtain a certificate. This certificate is equivalent to a high school diploma. Its benefits are discussed below:

  • Personal Benefits: If you are ready to take the test, it shows that you are ready to work hard. This in turn, makes you a dynamic and active citizen. You grow personally by developing your skills and building your career. Your personal growth fuels the growth of the country as well. Ultimately, you rejoice for accomplishing something in your life.

  • Employment Benefits: Most of the employers, including US government accept the credential as equivalent to a high school diploma. Some employers may not screen your resume if you don't have high school diploma. You may impress your employers by obtaining the certificate. This is because you have strongly indicated to your employer that you are ready to learn new things; your age is not a barrier for learning. If you had been working somewhere before earning the certificate, then use your certificate to convince your employer for promotion.

  • Educational Benefits: If adult GED motivates and boosts your confidence, you can join college. If your scores are impressive, admission officers will happily select you.

Structure of GED

It is a group of tests. Candidates have to take 5 tests.

  • Reading: 40 multiple choice questions have to be answered in 65 minutes on this test. Questions will be based on extracted text from fictional and nonfictional documents.

  • Writing: It is divided into two parts. The first part contains 50 multiple choice questions that have to be answered in 75 minutes. In the second part of the writing test, candidates have to compose a handwritten essay on a general topic.

  • Mathematics: Two booklets are given. Each contains 25 questions. 80 per cent of the questions are multiple choice questions; 20 per cent of the questions are grid-in questions.

  • Social Studies: Candidates have to answer 50 multiple choice questions in 70 minutes. Questions will appear from the subject areas of country-specific History (US or Canada depending on the version of GED), World History, Civics and Government, Economics and Geography. Questions will be based on document extracts and visuals.

  • Science: Candidates have to answer 50 multiple choice questions in 80 minutes. Questions will appear from the subject areas of Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physics and Chemistry. Questions will be based on extracted information and visuals.