Studying for FTCE

4 Options Available for FTCE Study

The FTCE, Florida Teacher Certification Examinations, are basically a set of 47 standardized sub-tests that are conducted in the state of Florida to assess the candidates on the basis of the knowledge that they hold in their particular subject areas. If the candidates pass this test, they are qualified to take up teaching positions in schools across the state. These 47 sub-tests are divided into 42 sub-tests based on specific subject areas, 4 sub-tests on General Knowledge and 1 sub-test on Professional Education. This article highlights the four options that you have for the test preparation.

Option 1: Official Materials

There is plenty of preparation material available on the official website. You can visit the official website and click on the tab 'Prepare', where you will be able to see the following resources available:

  1. Blueprint and Sample Questions: You can download this document. It contains sample questions for each of the 47 sub-tests and even contains a brief overview of each section. You may want to try these questions before you start a long-term preparation using other materials.

  2. Other Preparation Sources: There are other preparatory resources also available on the website. These include a link to prep programs such as Educator Preparation Institute EPIs.

  3. Online Portal: There is also an online study portal that you can access using the link This link contains a consolidation of various helpful resources.

Option 2: Online Courses and Practice

There are many online courses available for different sub-tests. Some of the common ones are mentioned below:

  1. Lessons Direct: The website for taking up this course is You can use this resource to prepare for the Mathematics section of the General Knowledge sub-test.

  2. FAU (Florida Atlantic University): You can use this to prepare for all the sub-tests of the General Knowledge sub-test. The link to this website is

  3. REA (Research and Education Association): You can prepare using this website for the Professional Education test. The link to this website is It caters to needs of candidates who are giving this particular test.

Option 3: Study Guides

There are many study guides available for each of the three main areas of the test: 42 Subject-Area tests, 4 General Knowledge sub-tests and 1 Professional Education test. Most of these can be bought online by visiting Some of these guides are mentioned below:

Option 4: Course or Tutorials

There are many courses and tutoring services available. Some of these courses are highlighted below:

  • Teach In Florida: The official website for getting the information on this course is There is a wide variety of programs that can be taken up through this resource. You may take up Initial Teacher Preparation Programs or Professional Preparation Programs.

  • Florida's Alternative Certification Program: You may visit the website to gather more information on this course. The following components are the parts of this course:

    • A Support Team is provided including a mentor, a tutor, an educator and an administrator.
    • On-line Preparation Activities are conducted that include major areas of the tests.
    • Assessments are taken periodically and plans are regularly formulated.

Thus, it can be concluded that there is no dearth of resources for the test preparation. All that is needed from your side is dedication and hard-work. You need to take a disciplined approach towards your preparation and focus on each subject-area equally. Additionally, you should make sure that none of the competencies for any sub-test is left out during the preparations.