Understand The Important Features Of DAT Study Guides

Where can You find DAT Review Books?

Dentistry is a rewarding as well as a lucrative career, which is why many college students are choosing to complete graduation from a dental school. The primary requirement to get admission into a premier dental school of the USA is high score in the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Since most students taking the test already have reasonable pre-dental education, they opt to prepare for the test on their own. If you too want to do the same, then you must purchase good guide books. The following section of this article discusses where you can gain access to such preparatory books.

Purchasing DAT Books for Self-study

Like most books, you must be thinking that your local book store will stock exhaustive study material. Although it might have some books, the stock may not be vast enough for you to browse through, so that you can make an informed choice. Then where do you purchase books from? The following list will solve this problem:

  • Purchasing books online: There are a number of websites from where you can purchase study guides and one amongst them is www.amazon.com. In these websites, you can read short synopsis about the composition and topics covered by the particular book that has been put up for sale. For example, you can find out whether the book has sufficient number or practice modules or whether it consists of actual test questions. You can also read reviews posted by students who have purchased and studied the books.

  • Check out your local library: The library in your locality will definitely stock these exam books, so visit it and browse through some of the books. This will provide you with an exact knowledge of the features of the books and the topics covered by them. You can borrow the books from the library and then study. If you want to purchase the books, instead of borrowing them from the library, you can ask your local bookstore to get them for you.

The above-mentioned lists discusses two possible methods for purchasing test material, but before you purchase any, ensure that you have checked out quite a few places. To help you further in your search for resources, the following section of this article will review some of the better known books available in the market.

Which Books should You Procure?

There are a myriad of study books available in the market and each comes with a tag line-that if you follow the particular book then you will definitely achieve excellent scores in the test. Sounds quite confusing, right? The following list will help you gain an insight into some of the better known books available in the market:

  • Kaplan DAT: The Kaplan institute has been training students for various entrance examinations and it has been preparing students for the test for more than a decade. This expertise is conspicuously reflected in the Kaplan DAT. The book comprises two complete full-length practice tests, which simulate the actual examination. It also consists of exhaustive answer keys, which provides detailed explanations of the correct answers. Thus, if you are looking for a book that will help you develop an answering strategy then you can purchase the Kaplan DAT.

  • Mc Graw-Hill's DAT with CD-ROM: This book is ideal for students looking to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Other than containing extensive treatise on the topics covered in the examination and practice questions; it also contains 2 full-length mock tests. The exhaustive answer key will help you analyze your weaknesses, by checking for repetitive errors. After identifying your weakness, it will help you develop strategies to overcome them. Thus, if you are looking for a book that will increase your level of confidence then this is the book for you.

  • Barron's DAT: Dental Admissions Test: Barron’s is a well known name in the publishing industry and its book has received a number of laudatory acknowledgements. The unique feature of this book is that it comes with a CD ROM which consists of mock tests. It simulates the testing conditions by following the time limit stipulated by ADA for each sub-section, thereby providing you with a feel of the actual test. Hence, if it is practice that you require, then you can purchase this book.

The above-mentioned list outlines the features of the better known study materials available in the market. However, before you purchase any book, ensure that they cater to your requirements. Before you purchase any books, check out as many books as you can because; it is these guide books that will help make your examination worthwhile.