Science Content for CSET

Everything you Need to Know About Science CSET

The CSET or California Subject Examination for Teachers is a test that allows the potential teachers to obtain certificates by fulfilling the criteria that is specified for each certificate program. The contents of this examination have been developed by CTC or California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Each section of the test intends to assess the skills of the students pertaining to the subjects that are included therein.

As far as the Science subtest is concerned, it is one of the sub tests under the category of Multiple Subjects. In fact, there are three subtests or categories that are present in this section and the examinees can choose to complete all three of them within a particular session or take them separately.

What are the topics covered here? The questions in this section are based on the following major categories that include:

  • General Science
  • Biology or Life Science
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Planetary Science
  • Physics

In General Science, the domains or areas that are present are:

  1. Astronomy
  2. Dynamic Processes of the Earth or Geodynamics
    1. Rock Formation
    2. Shaping of the surface of the Earth or the processes and features of Earth’s Surface
    3. Tectonic processes and features
    4. Energy in the Earth System
  3. Earth Resources
  4. Genetics and Evolution
  5. Ecology
  6. Cell and Organismic Biology
  7. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  8. Forces and Motion
  9. Waves
  10. Electricity and Magnetism
  11. Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics
  12. Structure and Properties of Matter

Similarly, in Biology or Life Science, the domains that are covered include:

  1. Cell Biology and Physiology
  2. Genetics
  3. Ecology
  4. Evolution

For Chemistry section, the areas that are covered include:

  1. Atomic and Molecular Structure
  2. Kinetic Molecular Theory
  3. Chemical Reactions
  4. Chemical Thermodynamics
  5. Solution Chemistry
  6. Nuclear Processes
  7. Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

In Earth and Planetary Science, the areas that are covered include:

  1. Earth’s Place in the Universe
  2. Energy in the Earth System
  3. Planet Earth
  4. California Geology
  5. Biogeochemical Cycles

In the Physics section, the topics on which questions are asked include:

  1. Conservation of Energy and Momentum
  2. Motion and Forces
  3. Waves
  4. Heat and Thermodynamics
  5. Electromagnetism
  6. Quantum Mechanics and Standard Model of Particles

Here, there are multiple-choice questions as well as those in which the students are required to construct their own ideas. Additionally, the test takers must have the competence related to the topics for attempting the questions that are included in this section. These skills are summed up in the following points:

  • Investigation and Experimentation, in which the test takers are supposed to construct questions on the topics, execute the scientific investigations with a meticulous approach. Besides this, they should have an eye for observation related to the topics and collect the necessary samples. Furthermore, they are required to analyze the data or the samples in order to create a graph and finally draw the necessary conclusions that are based on logic to be communicated to the examiner.

  • Nature of Science: The test takers have to understand the significance of inquiry in science, follow the ethics of this subject, and explore the historical point of views.

  • Science and Society: The test takers have to comprehend the relation between science and mankind, understand science, technology and its relation to society. Additionally, they must also understand the diverse aspects of the people who are related to the field of science and scientific activities.

The science section of CSET is administered in computer based format and it is included in the second subtest of Multiple Subjects along with Mathematics for which the total time allotted to the test takers is 3 hours. On the whole, the Science subtest is an encompassing section in which the test takers need to excel for acquiring the certification that is desired by them.