Methods of Studying for CSET

5 Essentials for Effective CSET Study

The CSET is designed to identify candidates who have the knowledge and skills levels to become good teachers in California. Different subject areas are tested here and since the difficulty level of the test is high, a thorough preparation is necessary.

Methods of Study

If you want to study for the test, you can follow any one of these methodologies and all these methods have both positives and negatives:

  • Professional Study - If you are the type who needs constant motivation, then this is the best option for you. Here, you can enroll for a study course and benefit from it. Though the cost of a course is high in many cases, all the study materials required for the preparation will be given to you and tutors will constantly keep a tab on your progress.

  • Self-study - If you are independent by nature, this method will work best for you. As the name suggests, you prepare for the test by yourself. Here, you decide on all aspects of the method of study. However, if you are not sincere, you will end up unprepared for the test.

  • Group-study - This is similar to self-study but a few candidates come together for the preparation. If you have like-minded friends who will not waste time, this is an effective method of preparation.

This article talks about the five essentials for an effective and successful preparation. The following are simple yet essential study tips:

  1. Learn about the Test

    First and foremost, understand the test and for this, try to collect as much information about it as possible. Learn about the format of the test, syllabus, sections, question types, the total time duration, and the scoring pattern. This knowledge will help you immensely in the preparation since you can plan your study according to the needs of the test and moreover, there will be no surprises while you are attempting it.

  2. Collect the Required Study Materials

    Study materials are indispensable when you are preparing for an exam. A lot of study materials are available in today's market and you have to carefully choose the study materials that are best suited for your needs. Moreover, there are many online study materials that are available free of cost. You can share study materials with your friends and by doing this all of you will get benefitted. If you are planning to join a professional course, then the required study materials will be provided by the company itself.

  3. Set a Time-table

    One of the most effective ways of studying is to draft a time-table. By doing this, you will clearly know how mush time you are studying for and you can also check if you will be able to cover the whole syllabus before the exam date. The time-table or study schedule can be drafted after you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Try to allot more time for topics that are difficult for you. It is essential that you check if you are following the schedule that you have drafted.

  4. Practice Tests

    As we all know, 'practice makes a man perfect'. If you have adequate practice, you can perform well in the test and therefore, practice tests are indispensable during your test preparation. Practice tests are available in most books and you can also use the free practice tests available online. Make an effort to take up as many practice tests as possible to increase your speed and get familiar with the test pattern.

  5. Keep Calm and Believe in Yourself

    If you are stressed, all your preparation will amount to nothing and therefore, try to keep calm. You can meditate or follow other stress reducing exercises. Make sure that you do some physical exercise or play everyday since this will make your mind calm and fresh. A calm, fresh mind can grasp and understand more than a tired, stressed mind. Also, make sure that you take adequate fluids because your brain cannot work if you get dehydrated.

To Wrap Up...

Preparation is essential to attain good scores in the test. Based on your strengths and weaknesses, identify the most effective method of study and follow the five essentials stated above to achieve your goal of becoming a teacher.