Multiple Subjects Test of the CSET

Everything you Need to Know about CSET Multiple Subjects Test

The California Subject Examination for Teachers or CSET is taken by potential teachers in order to earn the certificate required to teach. This test, which is designed and developed by CTC or California Commission on Teacher Credentialing in association with the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson, intends to help the candidates to prove their skills and abilities to act as a teacher.

The CSET measures the competence of the candidates on the basis of certain criteria or parameters instead of comparing the performance of one test taker with the another. Besides this, the test is conducted on five categories, each of which is used to assess specific skills or proficiencies of the students. The following tests are offered in this examination:

  • CSET-Multiple Subjects
  • CSET-Writing Skills
  • CSET-Single Subjects
  • CSET-Preliminary Educational Technology
  • CSET-LOTE (For Bilingual Authorization)

As far as  the Multiple Subjects are concerned, there are three subtests in which questions are of the multiple-choice format and also in the form of constructed response questions.

What are the contents of Multiple Subjects test of the CSET?

  • The first portion of Multiple Subjects evaluates the abilities of the test takers in Reading, Language and Literature. Therefore, the areas that are tested here are Language and Linguistics, Written and Non-Written Communication, and Texts.

  • The second portion of this exam is based on History and Social Science and the candidates are required to prove their skills in these subjects. The topics that are included in this section include World History, History of United States, and the History of California.

  • The third section includes questions on Mathematics and the topics that are tested here are Algebra and Functions, Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability, Measurement and Geometry and Number Sense.

  • The fourth section of this test is based on Science and the areas that are tested include Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, and Life Science.

  • The fifth section includes Visual and Performing Arts and the topics consists of Dance, Theater, and Visual Art.

  • The sixth section is based on Physical Education. The questions are based on skills and Knowledge in Movements, Self Image and Personal Development and Social Development.

  • The seventh section is based on Human Development and consists of topics such as Cognitive Development from Birth Through Adolescence, Influences on Development from Birth Through Adolescence, and Social and physical development from Birth Through Adolescence.

In the Multiple Subjects section of the CSET, there are three subtests and test takers can take either one or all of these in a single sitting. The test is only available in the Computer-Based format . The following points will give you some idea about the duration and topics of the subtests:

  • The first subtest is based on Reading, Language and Literature, History and Social Science and the duration is of 3 hours.

  • The second subtest includes Science and Mathematics and the students may have to give their responses through handwriting and drawing. Moreover, the candidates are allowed to use the onscreen calculator for this subtest and the duration for the same is 3 hours.

  • The third subtest of the Multiple Subjects includes Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education and Human Development. The time allotted to complete the same is 2.25 hours.