Studying for CPAT

6 Points to be kept in Mind for CPAT Study

A study guide for the CPAT test is a resource for the candidates to prepare for this examination. A good resource will contain details about the test, its format and the preparation strategies for performing well in this test.

A Brief Overview of the CPAT Format

A study guide will let you know that CPAT, in the context of a career in firefighting, refers to the Candidate Physical Ability Test. It contains 8 sub-tests mentioned as follows:

  • Stair Climb
  • Hose Drag
  • Equipment Carry
  • Ladder Raise
  • Forcible Entry
  • Rescue Drag
  • Ceiling Breach and Pull
  • Search

All these activities require the performance of some physical exercises in about 10 minutes 20 seconds time, with adequate time gap between the activities, to allow the candidates to recover from the physical stress caused in each activity. The examinees are supposed to attain a passing score in each of the sections in order to obtain the certification. One must remember that a candidate is not directly allowed to appear for the test, unless he or she undergoes the Orientation and Practice sessions, which are mandatory parts of the preparation process.

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6 Things to Be Kept in Mind for CPAT Study

You should be aware of the following points for a fruitful study:

  1. One should be physically healthy to take the CPAT– Qualifying in the CPAT, and subsequently working as a firefighter, requires one to have a very strong physical health. One should be adept at physical fitness exercises, should have good muscle and cardiopulmonary endurance, and muscular strength. Hence, only those persons who are athletically adept can perform well in the CPAT.

  2. One should be able to adapt quickly to the CPAT exercise regime specifically- Any study guide will let you know that though you may be well-versed in physical activities, generally, but, before taking the CPAT, you should make sure that you know and are prepared for specific activities well. The authorized training centers will arrange for your official orientation and preparation. Moreover, you can also practice in private CPAT preparation centers for as long as you want, till you attain perfection in the exercises.

  3. The CPAT follows specific exercising principles- Popular study guides elucidate that the CPAT follows certain exercising principles, according to the instructions of expert physical instructors who are internationally acclaimed. Hence, one should be assured that the CPAT exercises have all been designed according to international exercising standards set for joining a career in firefighting.

  4. One should obtain a passing grade in CPAT to obtain CPAT certification- The physical activities of the CPAT are marked. One has to attain a minimum score in each of the sub-tests in order to pass this examination.

  5. The CPAT tests are evaluated by physical fitness experts with profound knowledge- The CPAT tests are evaluated by international fitness experts. Hence, one can be assured that their assessment of your performance will involve a number of criteria, for example, your genetic makeup, your lifestyle, and your nutrition. Their judgement is based on a very high subject-matter expertise and years of experience. Hence, their evaluations are generally seen to be very precise.

  6. Firefighting is meant for the adventurous and those who want to render service to the needy- A career in firefighting is meant for those who are adventurous and willing to risk their lives for saving others. Hence, a person who has these qualities should consider a career in firefighting.


A good study guide will prove to be a very useful resource on preparing for the CPAT. Following instructions of the study guide thoroughly will ensure success in this test.