Prepare For The CPAT Online

How Can the Internet Help in Taking CPAT?

CPAT online resources refer to the online registration and preparation resources that candidates access to register and prepare for this examination, which is taken by firefighting aspirants, for taking up a career in firefighting in USA. Developed by the Task Force, and conducted by the Firefighters Joint Apprenticeship Committee (FJAC), this examination consists of eight modules of specific physical exercises that have to be performed by candidates, after being officially oriented and trained by the test authorities.

Uses of the Internet for CPAT:
  1. Registering for CPAT

    A candidate need not have to visit the CPAT headquarters personally, or correspond with the authorities by conventional post, in order to register for the test. All one has to do, in order to register for this test, is to visit its official registration website, and create an account, and login in that account to complete the registration process. One can also download theonline application form ( from reliable test websites.

  2. CPAT Preparation

    Online study resources prove to be very useful for the candidates to prepare for this examination. Firstly, the official website ( provides complete information about the test. It not only provides complete details about the test dates, test centers, registration process, test format, and the rules and regulations of this test, but also keeps the candidates updated with reliable news about this examination and everything associated with it. It also connects candidates to a treasure of test material containing valuable information on test taking strategies and practice methods, from top-rated online resources.

    Apart from the official website, there are some authentic websites which bring forward excellent online study resources. One does not have to physically invest time and effort in visiting a coaching classroom, as most of the study resources of the same quality as in conventional classrooms, are available online. Moreover, these electronic study resources are presented in a more interesting and efficient manner, as they are designed using animation software which can be used by skilled tutors to communicate their teachings to their students more cogently and interestingly than they can otherwise do. In an action-oriented examination, such as the CPAT, watching training videos will be of immense help to the students who can learn the exercises from these videos exactly in the way in which they are expected to be performed.

  3. CPAT Results Communication

    The internet not only helps one in taking the test, but it is also of extreme help in sending the results to the candidates and to the firefighting services that they want to send their scores to. Once the scores are declared, they can be published online or sent by email to the firefighting academies for admission. An advantage of online results assessment can be, recording the performance of a candidate (which can be used for a more precise assessment of the performance than assessment based on a single live observation of the performance), and sending the recorded video to the different firefighting academies that a candidate wants to take admission in. This will help the admission authorities, at the firefighting academies to assess the performance of the candidates they are considering for admission, better, as they will be seeing them in action during the test, and not merely observing their grade card.


Online resources, registration details and results make the tasks of registering for this examination, preparing for it, and obtaining its results, a very convenient process. The online mode of test communication is apt for candidates who reside outside the USA. Hence, it is not a matter of wonder that the majority of candidates are engaged in online activities, today.