Details Specific To The CPAT Taken From Livermore

All About Taking CPAT in Livermore

For becoming a firefighter in USA, you need to take the CPAT  or the Candidate Physical Ability Test. This is a test for all candidates who wish to join this profession. As per the demands of the profession, this test evaluates you on the basis of the physical strength and stamina that you demonstrate while completing the eight specific tasks which are a part of this test. The total time period for completing the tasks is 10 minutes and 20 seconds. In order to look for more information, you can visit the official website ( This website discusses valuable information on how to take the test.

CPAT Testing Center in Livermore

There is one main center for the test at Livermore. The physical address for the Livermore center is 526, Commerce Way, Livermore. This center is located indoors and all the tasks also have to be carried out indoors. You can even receive an orientation session for taking this test here for a minimum amount of registration fee. This center also makes available a professionally run test that allows you to practice all eight tasks under guidance of professional trainers. For an additional fee, you can use the equipment for practice on certain days of the week. In order to book an appointment, you can call the number 916 648 1717.

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The CPAT Test at Livermore Center

After you register online for the test, you will receive an email that will contain a confirmation of your testing slot. You will also be notified regarding your practice schedule and the orientation sessions. On the test day, you need to arrive at the center at least 30 minutes prior to the testing schedule. Alongside, there are certain rules that you need to follow regarding the attire you wear for the test:

  • Wear only long full length pants. Shorts are not allowed to be worn for the test.

  • You should wear only a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. You must not appear for the test in formal attire.

  • The shoes that you wear must be closed on all sides. You should not wear open-toed or open-heel shoes or the ones that have heels.

  • Last, but not the least, you should not wear any loose or restrictive jewelry for the test.

Hence, it can be concluded, that being a candidate, you can and must avail the valuable opportunity to undergo two orientation sessions and the extra practice sessions before you appear for the actual test. It is advisable that you take up these sessions as by taking these you will be in a position to know about how to carry on with the test. Also, you may get the equipment for some extra practice, by paying a nominal fee. You can come to the center on some specific days and use the equipment which is recommended and get the required practice easily.