CPAT Firefighter Test

Know All about the CPAT in 5 Steps

The Candidate Physical Ability Test, also known as the CPAT is a test that firefighting recruits and candidates need to give in order to start off their career in firefighting. It is a test of physical endurance and stamina. There are eight physical events in the test that have to be completed in a time period of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. For more information on the events and the registration process, you can visit the website This article will discuss the five steps for everything you need to know about the test.

Step 1: Events and Description of the CPAT Test

The first step is to know what events are included in the test. There are eight items in the physical test. These have to be completed in 10 minutes 20 seconds. All the tasks require you to be physically and mentally fit and agile. You also have to wear a vest that contains a weight of 50 pounds while carrying out these tasks. The eight tasks are described below:

  1. Stair Climb This is the first event and is also the longest and hardest to perform. You need to climb a flight of stairs while wearing the vest along with an additional weight of 25 pounds on your shoulders. The speed you are required to maintain is 60 steps in a minute. The strength of your legs and your overall sense of balance is tested as you are not allowed to hold on to anything while performing this event.

  2. Hose Drag This is the second event of the test. After climbing the stairs, you need to hold the water hose by its nozzle and drag it for 75 feet. Then you need to make a turn and drag it for another 25 feet. This event tests your aerobic skills, as well as sprint with extremely tired legs.

  3. Equipment Carry In this event, you need to pick two chainsaws, one in each hand. You need to go 75 feet towards a point and then back.

  4. Ladder Raise and Extension In the fourth event of the test, you need to lift a horizontal ladder upwards and then join it with a vertical ladder.

  5. Forcible Entry The next event requires you to enter the forcible entry station. Here, you need to destroy any blockage such as a wall, ceiling, window or a door. You need to maintain your balance while performing this act.

  6. Search The next event needs you to search for a missing item or an injured person in a room full of smoke.

  7. Rescue This is an important event of the test. Here, you need to walk for 85 feet and then lift a mannequin before dragging it for 35 feet.

  8. Ceiling Breach or Pull This event tests whether you can breach open a ceiling and check for fire damage or injured persons in the upper floor.

Step 2: Requirements of the Test

Next, you need to know whether you fulfill the requirements for taking the test or not. There are some basic requirements that you need to meet before giving the physical test:

  1. You need to be at least 18 years old.
  2. You need to get a health clearance from a doctor.
  3. You should have a clean criminal record.

For more details on these requirements, you can visit the link

Step 3: Preparation Procedure

The next step is to find out how to prepare for the test. The only way for you to prepare for the test is to prepare yourself physically for the arduous tasks mentioned above. You need to start weight training and improving the stamina of your legs and shoulders. Remember, nothing else apart from your physical strength is going to help you pass this test.

Step 4: Finding a Testing Center

The next step would be to identify the test center where you will be taking the test. All states of USA have test centers except one or two states. If you are in any of these two states, you may have to travel. For the other states, there are a number of centers for each state. For detailed information on the nearest test center, you need to visit the link

Step 5: Interview and Written Test

This is the last part of the process after passing the test. You must prepare yourself for the interview by visiting the link Apart from the interview, there is a basic written test that most fire departments ask for. The questions will pertain to basic Mathematics, Writing and Reading skills. You need to take care of your resume, appearance and punctuality besides the actual interview while appearing for it.

Hence, it can be concluded that there are a lot of important things that you cannot miss out regarding the test. All the information discussed above must be looked at carefully in order to pass the test.