Points To Remember While Taking The CPAT From Illinois

4 Important Things About CPAT in Illinois

CPAT Illinois refers to the Candidate Physical Aptitude Test that is conducted in Illinois for testing the physical preparedness of candidates aspiring for a course in firefighting. The North-eastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy (NIPSTA) is a major licensed organization of this state, conducting the test. The test comprises a series of physical tests, which are standardized to international standards. These tests are as follows:

  • Stair Climbing
  • Forcible Entry
  • Horse Drag
  • Search
  • Equipment Carry
  • Rescue
  • Ladder Raise and Extension
  • Ceiling Breach and Pull

CPAT in Illinois - Dates, Centers, Tutors, and Coaching

The test is available once every month in NIPSTA. The exact dates for this examination can be found on the NIPSTA website.

The test in Illinois is taken mainly in NIPSTA (North-Eastern Illinois Public Safety Academy). For appearing for this examination, one should correspond with NIPSTA authorities regarding the steps one needs to take in order to make oneself eligible for appearing for the test.

Tutors and Coaching- As the test involves physical exercises, it is meant for young persons with a robust health and athletic lifestyle. If you are fond of exercising and working with different fitness equipment, you will enjoy appearing for the test, which has eight different types of physical tests. These physical tests involve the usage of special exercising equipment and performing special exercises. The test centers offer orientation and practice sessions, for one to understand the standards of the test and what is expected of the examinees, and also to get trained for appearing for this examination and passing in it with flying colors. The orientation and practice sessions of the test, are a part of the official test preparation process and are mandatory modules to be cleared, in order to appear for the test. Hence, a candidate has to compulsorily undergo tutoring, as a part of the official procedure.

However, one can also take training from external organizations that offer tutoring services for the test. Some of these organizations are as good as the official practice centers, as they offer timed practice sessions, which simulate the actual test-taking process. One can get information on such organizations, which tutor for the test, by taking the advice of experts and counselors.

4 Important Things about CPAT Illinois

  • The examination is like any other test in its format and standard. However, one should visit the test websites to know the dates on which tests are available at the valid test centers.

  • The fire services of Illinois direct the official testing centers to test the aptitude of candidates who apply for taking a firefighting course with them. The test administrators arrange for the tests within a specific time period, which may be a month. The candidates are tested within that period and their results sent to the fire services academies.

  • Each of the test exercises has to be completed within a time period of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. The examinees also have to wear a vest weighing 50 pounds while performing the exercises.

  • The exam is a much-acclaimed test for a career in firefighting. Conducted by the IAFF and IAFC, this test is validated against the employment criteria of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the US Department of Labor and the US Department of Justice. One of the most important tests for obtaining admission in a firefighting school in USA, this test judges people on a pass/fail criteria.


The test can be taken at NIPSTA or any other fire fighting academy or organization that is authorized for conducting this examination. You should be careful not to choose testing centers that allow you to skip the Orientation and Practice Modules, as it is mandatory for test takers to undergo these modules in order to adapt themselves to the exercises and make themselves familiar with the exercising apparatus and body-wear. A person should undergo these modules even though he/she is highly trained athletically and feels that he will succeed in the test without undergoing the orientation and practice modules.