Mathematics Under the CUNY and COMPASS Assessments

CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics

The CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics is one of the most significant ways of evaluating the mathematical skills of test takers for continuing education in CUNY colleges. However, it is an unconventional test, as it follows no restriction of time for attempting the questions and the students get an opportunity to concentrate on the questions in order to select the correct answers. The questions of this test are divided into the following four sections:

  • Numerical Skills or Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Trigonometry

As far as the test of Mathematics is concerned, the questions are of multiple-choice types and the test is completely computer-based. The first two sections of the test determine whether a student has the capacity to take up advanced level courses in this subject or basic. According to the requirements of CUNY Colleges, a student must achieve a minimum score of 30 for studying the basic courses of mathematics. However, the scores required by other universities are higher for studying the credit-bearing courses in mathematics.

The CUNY Test of Mathematics

The following areas of Mathematics are tested in COMPASS for CUNY:

  • In the Numerical Skills or Pre Algebra Section, the questions are related to the fundamental concepts of mathematics such as fractions, integers and decimal.

  • The questions on Algebra pertain to the basic level concepts such as exponents, percentages and absolute values. The questions in this section proceed from a primary to a slightly advanced level such as equations, polynomials, formula manipulations and algebraic expressions.

  • In College Algebra Section, the test takers should be able to find out solutions of problems that are related to functions, matrices, factorials and exponents.

  • The questions on Trigonometry include various functions such as graphs consisting of trigonometric functions and right- triangle trigonometry.

CUNY Assessment Test for Mathematics: A Quick Glimpse

While the first two sections of this test determine whether a student will be able to cope up with the basic level courses in mathematics, the last three sections of the test allow the students to prove their mettle for pursuing the higher or advanced level courses in mathematics.

Those students who are not able to attain the required scores in SAT I should take the assessment tests conducted by CUNY in Mathematics, Reading and Writing. However, new students must take COMPASS Math test for CUNY irrespective of their skills in this subject. Thus, if a student is willing to pursue suitable courses in Mathematics at the college level, it is necessary to take the test for demonstrating their proficiency in this subject.

 Online practice tests are available for all those students who are preparing themselves to prove their abilities in the COMPASS test.

The actual test can be taken in various locations in the United States and also in a few international locations with the help of Internet Remote Testing Network. With the help of this network, it becomes convenient to locate the test centers.


Thus, a student who wants to strengthen his proficiency in mathematics in order to study the courses in this subject that are available under CUNY, should perform well in the assessment test of mathematics administered by this college. Those students who want to pursue their college education in basic or advanced level mathematics can take the COMPASS test at the Internet test center after the completion of the registration formalities for this test.

As far as taking CUNY Math testing is concerned, there are different requirements that are put forth by the colleges. While the students can take various exams for mathematics such as SAT, ACT or NYS Regents for the fulfillment of their academic goals, taking this test is one of the primary ways of assessing the skills of students or selecting the most suitable courses for them.