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The COMPASS test is a standardized computer-based exam that is taken by all those students who intend to continue their college education. It is one of the most prominent tools that is used by a majority of colleges for allowing the students to choose the courses that they wish to study in college. However, there are no passing scores to be achieved by the students in this test for pursuing their studies; rather the purpose of the test is to place them in the courses that the students require. For instance, a test taker must possess a specific score in mathematics for studying an entry-level course in a college. However, failing to achieve that score will place him/her in developmental courses for obtaining more support before moving on to the basic courses in mathematics.

Moreover, restriction of time is not imposed for test takers, which implies that the students get an opportunity to focus on each section of the test in detail before choosing the correct responses for the questions that are asked in the test. The questions in the COMPASS test are of multiple-choice types and the subjects on which the questions are framed include Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Mathematics, Essay Writing and English as a Second Language.

Online Prep Course

The COMPASS aspirants should emphasize on proper modes of preparation for achieving the desired target as far as scores are concerned. Among the various modes of test preparation, consulting books for COMPASS test is a traditional method, which is not always preferred by the students nowadays. However, an online course is considered more convenient and such courses have also become popular among the students. This is primarily because the online courses offer more flexibility and allow the students to study at their own pace.

An online course by a professional offers support 24x7 thereby enabling the students to ask for clarifications or help at any hour of the day. As the COMPASS test is a computer-based exam, learning and practicing from an online course prepares a student to become more familiar with the pattern of exam or the ways in which the correct responses are to be selected.

A professional online course comes with the advantage of practice tests that are conducted like the real day test and instills confidence in the students so that they are able to answer the questions on the final day of the test with greater conviction.

Review of Professional Online Courses

The points below present a few of the online prep courses that are available for the COMPASS exam:


An online course offers the students with an opportunity to gear up their preparation for the final exam. A majority of these courses are equipped with intensive practice tests that are intended to build the confidence level of the students so that they are able to score well in the COMPASS exam and fulfill their academic goals.