What is the Utility of COMPASS ACT


The COMPASS is an examination that is taken by students before they enrol themselves in a college level course. The test will measure whether the test taker has relevant skills that will help him succeed in the course that he wants to join. This is a computerized examination and this means that you will have to take the test on a computer. Obviously, you will need to know how to use this machine, otherwise you will not be able to take the exam effectively. After completing the exam, you will be able to get the result instantly for the scores will be calculated automatically by the computer system.

More about COMPASS

  • Test Registration: In order to register for this test, you will need to enrol for the same in the campus of the college that you wish to study in. Just get in touch with the counsellor or advisor there for more information as well as registration.

  • Sections: There are three sections in this test and these are Reading, Writing and Maths. The Reading section consists of five passages from where the questions will be framed and asked. In the Writing section, you will need to point out the errors in an essay that will be given to you. Last but not the least, in the math section you will be tested in five subject areas and these are Algebra, Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry.

  • Question Types: All the questions in each of these sections are multiple choice questions, with five answer options for each question. From the alternatives given, you will be asked to choose an option that you think is the correct answer.

  • Time Limit: This examination is an untimed exam. This means that there is no time limit given for finishing all the sections. You can work on the questions at your own pace without worrying that you will run out of time. Normally, it takes 30 to 40 minutes for a test taker to complete each section.

  • Scoring of the Test Sections: Each of the three sections is scored separately. You will find that there is no Composite Score for these sections. The score that you will obtain can range from 1 to 100.

  • Retest: If you are unable to obtain good scores in this exam, you can always go for a retest.

Uses of COMPASS Test

There are many reasons why the COMPASS is used, both by the students as well as the institutions. Given below is the importance or uses of this examination:

  • The main reason why a student takes this examination is because he will be able to find out whether he has the right and relevant skills or not to successfully study the college level course that he is interested in joining. If the student lacks the skills, then he will not be able to complete the course successfully. This will not just make him lose money but also waste his time, which he could have used to study for a course that he was more suited for.

  • The result will tell the student what his skills are and what his weaknesses are. With the use of this information, he will be able to undertake necessary action to work on his weak areas so that he will be able to prepare himself for the course that he wishes to pursue.

  • The college will make use of the result to find out whether accepting a student for a particular course will be a good decision. If the student is not right for the course, then the institution can always reject him. Accepting him will not be of any use since he will not be able to find success in the course and ultimately, this will lead to a waste of the college resources.