Details About the CHSPE

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CHSPE stands for the California High School Proficiency Exam. It is an early-exit exam that is meant only for students living in the state of California. On passing this exam, a student gets a Certificate of Proficiency from the state.


The official website to register for the CHSPE is You can visit the homepage and click on 'Registration' tab, which is placed on the left side of the page. You can register by two methods: online registration at the website, or pen and paper registration by downloading and printing the registration form.

There are three important steps involved in the registration process:

  1. Filling out the Form: You need to fill in details regarding your name and address along with details regarding the school where you are currently enrolled.

  2. Proving your Eligibility: In order to prove your eligibility for the test, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

    1. Your age should not be less than 16 years.
    2. You have been enrolled for at least one academic year in the tenth grade.
    3. You will complete one full year of the tenth grade at the time the semester finishes. This semester is the one during which the next registration will be conducted.

    To prove your eligibility, you can either mail the official documents of evidence to the head office of CHSPE or you may ask your school to verify your details.

  3. Sending the Documents with Payment: The documents are accepted only when they are complete and accurate. For each test date, you will have three deadlines. Each deadline is accompanied by its own non-refundable fee. The payment must be made either in form of a money order or through a cashier's check. Personal checks are not accepted. The fee payable is $110 and after the deadline, it is raised to $160.

Test Structure and Pattern

The total testing time of is three and a half hours and there are mainly two test areas in the CHSPE:

  1. Mathematic:  A total of 50 questions are asked in the Mathematic section. You are provided a reference sheet that contains all the important formulae. Some of the concepts that are tested are numbers, operations, geometry, functions, algebra, probability, statistics etc.

  2. Language Arts: There are two subtests in this section: Language and Reading and you need to get passing scores in both to pass this section. The Language subtest has 48 multiple choice questions and one essay. The Reading subtest has 54 questions of reading comprehension and another 30 questions based on vocabulary.

Score Reporting

The scaled scores for the CHSPE range from 250 to 450 for both the sections. You need a score of at least 350 to pass in the Mathematics section, a minimum passing score of 350 in the Reading subtest and in the Language subtest, you need a minimum score depending on the combination of your essay and the subtest score.

The official score report is mailed approximately five weeks after the test date. In case you have successfully passed both the sections, you will be mailed a Certificate of Proficiency.

This certificate will act as a proof of graduation to college officials. To graduate early from school, a student simply needs to furnish the Certificate of Proficiency and bring his or her parents or guardians who will verify their permission in front of the Principal or the Vice-Principle.