Details About How to Pass CAHSEE

4 Points to be Kept in Mind for Passing CAHSEE

The students of public schools in California must appear for the CAHSEE or The California High School Exit Examination in order to obtain the High School Diploma by exhibiting their skills and abilities in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The basic objective of administering this test for the students can be noted from the following points:

  • In order to assess whether the test takers are professed with grade level knowledge or expertise.
  • For bringing improvements in the students as far as accomplishing their educational goals are concerned.

However, the students with disabilities who have an Independent Educational Program or IEP or Section 504 Plan are exempted from this certification.

There CAHSEE is divided into two categories or sub areas in which the students have to answer the questions in order to obtain the Diploma of High School:

  • English Language Arts or ELA
  • Mathematics

In order to succeed in the test, the students of California public schools must keep the following points in mind:

  1. In the ELA section of CAHSEE, the students have to answer 73 multiple-choice questions including Reading and Writing. In the Writing portion, the test takers have to respond to an impromptu writing piece or literary task containing certain information. Besides this, the Writing section also covers questions on customs, applications and strategies of writing. Similarly, in the Reading portion of this test, the candidates have to attempt questions on Reading Comprehension and assaying of literary tasks and information.

  2. The test takers have to attempt 60 percent of the questions correctly in the ELA section or obtain a minimum scaled score of 350 in order to do well in the test.

  3. Similarly, in Math section of CAHSEE, the test takers have to answer 55 percent of the questions correctly or obtain a minimum scaled score of 350 to pass the test.

  4. The topics of Mathematics in CAHSEE include Data Analysis and Probability, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics, Number Sense, Algebra, Mathematical Reasoning and the ability to carry put calculations involving, decimals, fractions and percentages.

While the above-mentioned points describe the basic features about the High School Exit Examination in California, there are various other things that the students must know in order to do well or obtain good scores in this test.

The English and Math test are executed in two different sessions. For the first session of English, the approximate working time allotted to the test takers is 2 hours and the test administration takes about 2 hours 30 minutes. Similarly, for Mathematics, both the working time and administration time is approximately around 1 hour 30 minutes. However, when appearing for the test, candidates are not required to follow the strictures of time and in the true sense CAHSEE is an untimed test.

The students can take the test for the first time during the second half of grade ten although they can repeat the entire or a portion of the test if they are unable to succeed in the test. Besides this, the test can be taken twice in grade eleven and from two to five times in grade twelve.

In order to score well, it is necessary for each applicant of the test to focus on suitable preparatory methods. For instance, an applicant may find books more useful when compared to the other study resources. While assaying the role of preparation is a key factor, analysis of the performances of students is one of the greatest aspects of CAHSEE. Knowing the sections and format of the test is another way of securing good marks in this exam and ensures that the students are able to get more than what is required to come out with flying colors in the test.

If passing the CAHSEE is one of the basic requirements that must be fulfilled by the students of public schools in California, the test takers must pursue a disciplined mode of preparation in order to achieve the required scores conveniently.