Studying for CAHSEE

3 Methods to Prepare for CAHSEE

Being a mandatory step at public high schools in the state of California, CAHSEE is an important exam for all aspiring high school students. This article not only helps you learn some important methods for CAHSEE test preparation, but also enables you to learn more about the vital aspects of this test.

An Introduction to the CAHSEE Test

One of the primary steps in the test preparation would be to learn every vital aspect of the test. Here is a list of pointers that can help you understand more about the test:

  • In the state public education system of California, the CAHSEE is a compulsory testing for all high school students. Students first take this test when in grade 10. They get many more opportunities to take and pass the test during their 11th and 12th grades.

  • The purpose of this testing is to assess the students' knowledge levels and skills in the academic areas of Math, Reading, and Writing, and ensure grade-appropriate competency levels in them. The test also helps improve the academic achievement of students in the California public school system.

  • There are two sections included in the test - the English-Language Arts part (ELA) and the Mathematics part.

  • There is no time limit for completing the test. You may take as much time as required within the regular working hours of a normal school day.

  • All parts of the test are administered in the traditional paper-based format.

To get know more about the test, refer to the official CDE or CAHSEE website ( You may also go through the exam blueprints and study guides available at the CDE website (

How to Go About Preparing for the Test?

As in the case of any other testing, no single study plan can be laid out for the CAHSEE study purpose. Based on each individual student's abilities, strengths, and requirements, the test taking styles and strategies may differ. However, listed here are three methods that can help in your CAHSEE study efforts:

  1. Base your preparation on what you already know. To put it straight, the test content is grounded on what you have already learnt through your 10th grade (7th grade in case of the Math part). Hence, preparing for this test can become easier, if you focus on what you have already learnt and revise those topics, if required.

  2. Take practice tests. You may get a few practice tests online in the official study guides. You may as well look for other practice guides and tests online and offline, and use them to the maximum. As they say, practice maketh perfect.

  3. Learn the test strategies and tips. There are interesting aspects of the test that can help you perform better, like no negative marks for incorrect responses. Also, you may take as much time as you want and there is no need to hurry through your questions. Learning about these small tips is important when you gear up for the study.

You may find many more tips and methods online and offline that may help you prepare for the test. However, you may note that the three pointers given above are commonly applicable methods that might work for almost anyone, without much regard to his/her individual preferences and requirements for test preparation/taking. Listed below are a few additional study methods that may serve your purpose:

Additional Study Methods

  1. Self-study as an effective tool. Many people argue that CAHSEE being a test based on what you have already learnt in your school, it may not require additional prep books or classes for preparation. Self-study can work out, if you are self-motivated and can work on your own. You may take the help of a good number of online resources and books for your self-study.

  2. Joining a prep program for test preparation. Joining a prep class or tutorial for preparation can be a good idea, especially if you are someone who enjoys studying in a group. Like the one offered by the Los Angeles City College (, there are many online and on-site programs today.

  3. Discussing with others. Having discussions with others is another good means for interactive study. You may join online forums or groups or meetings in your locality that pertain to CAHSEE preparation.

To Conclude...

The CAHSEE test content being based on the state approved standards and syllabus through grade ten; it can very well be assumed that many people might not require additional prep programs. Anyway, the fact remains that it is an essential step towards a high school diploma, and therefore, you need to practice well and prepare for the test seriously. Based on your individual style of learning and other related factors, you may choose from a variety of preparatory methods available, however, the focus should be on mastering the required competencies and techniques and passing the test with the highest of honors.