Useful Tips for CAHSEE Preparation

10 Tips to Prepare for CAHSEE

The High school students, who are residents of California have to take the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE), in order to prove there competence in English and Mathematics. This is essential, because if you want to pursue a college career you will have to study English and Mathematics. These two subjects are usually a part of your college curriculum, irrespective of the subject/subjects you major in. Thus, it is important that you score well in the test and for that you will require some tips and strategies. The following section of this article will explain some tips in order to assist you to prepare for the test.

Some Tips to Help You Prepare for CAHSEE

Without proper aids, preparing for the test can prove to be an uphill task. Some tips to help you ace the test are as follows:

  1. Preparation is paramount: Although, the CAHSEE will evaluate your school level knowledge of English and Mathematics, you should still prepare well for it. You should revise all that you have studied in 6th and 7th grades, as part of your preparation for the Mathematics section of the test. For the English part of CAHSEE, you must study all that has been a part of your language and arts curriculum from grades 6th to 10th.

  2. Practice hard: You must regularly practice for this test, because it primarily covers topics that you have studied in school. In order to fare well in the examination, you must revise all that you have learnt and practice solving questions similar to those you will come across in the examination.

  3. Provide extra attention to Mathematics: The pass marks for the Mathematics section of  is less than English-Language-Arts (ELA). Nevertheless, most students find it difficult to achieve the required 55% in order to pass in Maths. Hence, you must provide extra concentration while practicing for this section, so that you can pass the examination in the first attempt.

  4. Practice writing essays: Writing composition is an essential part of the ELA segment of the CAHSEE. Sometimes you even have to write two essays and hence, it is essential to practice writing coherent and meaningful compositions. This will ensure that the essays you write are interesting to read and receive due consideration.

  5. Develop your vocabulary: Questions on vocabulary comprise a good part of the ELA segment of the test. Even if vocabulary cannot be developed overnight, you must still practice learning new words and their meanings, so that you are able to answer these questions competently.

  6. Study in an organized manner: An important part of any form of learning aid is to help you develop a procedure for studying for the test. Even before you begin your CAHSEE preparation, ensure that you have made a daily routine and follow it strictly. It will help you remain motivated throughout your preparation.

  7. Identify your weaknesses: As you prepare for this exam, try and identify the mistakes that you keep on repeating. This will help you identify the topics you are weak in. While preparing for the examination, ensure that you give extra attention to the topics you are weak in.

  8. Give sufficient attention to the topics you are confident in: Even if you are confident in certain topics, you must study them with sufficient attention. This will ensure that you are able to answer the questions correctly and are able to recollect all that you have studied, during the examination.

  9. Study all the topics: While studying for the test you cannot afford to leave out any topics, because the questions are quite detailed and sometimes even complicated. Thus, in order to understand and answer the questions correctly, you will need to study all the topics as designated by the California Department of Education (CDE).

  10. Prepare from good study guides: The prep guides from which you will study for the test must have exhaustive discussions on the topics covered by the test. They should also come with an extensive practice section, so that your preparation is complete.

The above-mentioned list outlines some tips to aid your preparation for the examination. Now you must be thinking how to prepare for the test. The following section of this article will help you in this regard...

Preparing for the CAHSEE

'What are the available methods for preparation for CASHEE?' is a question that any source providing the learning tools must answer. Well, let us see if we can help you solve this dilemma...

  • Self-study: If you pay attention in class, much of your preparation for CAHSEE is done. The rest you can do by purchasing good CAHSEE study guides like Barron's CAHSEE--Math: California High School Exit Exam or Kaplan CAHSEE English-Language Arts: California High School Exit Exam. These books will guide you throughout your CAHSEE preparation.

  • Study online: There are a number of websites that have mock question papers. You can solve these questions in order to get acquainted with the examination as well as for practice. Solving these questions will also help you identify your weaknesses, which can be rectified with practice. Even the official website consists of sample questions, the link to which is as follows:

The above-mentioned points outline the two simplest methods for CAHSEE preparation. However, the final method of preparation depends upon the inclination of the candidate. Nevertheless, before you decide on this, go through the tips to prepare for the test; as a part of your learning aid and then decide on a method of preparation.