Details on How to Take the ASVAB

Prerequisites for Taking ASVAB

The first step towards a career in the Armed Forces is to appear for the ASVAB. In order to take this test, there are certain prerequisites that you should be aware of. These include the eligibility criteria, the registration process, and information about the dates and centers of the test.

The Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone who wants to appear for the ASVAB or for any of the armed services examinations must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be a US citizen or resident alien
  • The minimum age is 17 years (if you are 17 years old, you require parental consent)
  • A high school diploma, although a few applicants who have a GED are also accepted
  • The applicant must clear the physical medical examination

In addition to these common eligibility criteria, the individual armed services have some of their own criteria as well. The maximum age, for instance, that the Army permits is 34 years, whereas for the Air Force, it is 27. The number of dependents can also be a criterion.

ASVAB Test Scores:

It is better to be aware of the scores you need to get before you attempt the test. Your test results will play a role in deciding your future in the military. The minimum score requirements vary from one branch of the military to the other. For example, if you want to enlist in the Army, you will need a minimum score of 31 in AFQT. The Air Force requires a minimum AFQT score of 40.

The Registration Process:

In order to register for the test, you can visit the official website and request a recruiter to be assigned to you. Your convenience is considered while selecting the location of the recruiter's office. The recruiter will determine whether you fulfill the initial eligibility criteria or not. In order to do this, he or she will ask you questions regarding:

  • Your marital status

  • The level of education you have

  • Any history of drug use

  • Your health

  • Any history of involvement with the police

It is best to answer these questions with complete honesty. If you do fulfill the eligibility criteria, the recruiter will guide you through the registration process. The recruiter also provides any other necessary information that you may need to fulfill in order to become eligible for the examination.

The Cost of the ASVAB Test:

The registration for the ASVAB is free of cost, as is setting up a meeting with the recruiter and undergoing the medical examination. The actual costs you may incur are for travel, buying guide books, joining a preparatory course, etc.

Centers for the ASVAB Test:

The centers where candidates actually take the tests are known as Military Entrance Processing Stations or MEPS. Across the US and Puerto Rico, there are 65 locations with MEPS and you are permitted to appear for the test at the location nearest to your place of residence. If you live too far away from MEPS locations, you have the option of taking the ASVAB at a Military Entrance Test site, or a MET site. MET sites may be at locations such as government office buildings, Reserve centers, etc.

Dates of the ASVAB Test:

You will be given the date of the test when you register for the ASVAB. You can attempt the test more than once, but ensure that there is at least one month interval between the first two retests. You can take a third retest after six months from the date of the second retest. The scores of the ASVAB test are valid for a period of two years and you can use them within this time to apply to join the armed services.

Taking the ASVAB test is not difficult in itself, if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. The recruiter is the best person to go to with your queries regarding the registration process, how to prepare for the test and what you need to do after taking the test.