ASVAB Requirements for SEAL Services

ASVAB Test for Seals - A Brief Overview

Taking the ASVAB or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and achieving high scores in it, are the two most important stepping stones for candidates who want to join the Naval Forces in the United States. However, this examination is taken by all those applicants who want to join any branch of the Armed Forces. Nevertheless, joining the Navy is an exciting mission as the SEAL's constitute the Maritime Forces that operate from sea, air and land as they are categorized for Special Operations. Their expertise and actions as well as decisiveness is significant while training is imparted to them thereby enabling them to achieve their targets.

ASVAB and Seal Navy

The ASVAB is a multiple-choice examination that is administered to high school and post secondary students for joining the military. However, applicants have to meet the scores and the eligibility criteria that are meant for the different wings of the military. As far as the eligibility criteria with regard to becoming a Navy SEAL are concerned, the applicants are enlisted or join as Officers, on achieving the required scores in the ASVAB and fulfilling other requirements.

There is a provision for applicants to become SEAL candidates even before meeting the ASVAB requirements, specifically outlined for SEAL applicants. This is possible through the SEAL Challenge Contract that provides an assurance to become a SEAL candidate and also allows them to avail the benefits and the bonus amounts once they are enlisted after taking the final examination of ASVAB. The applicants must mention the recruiters about their readiness to become SEAL candidates as they will not have an opportunity to obtain the benefits during enlistment without the possession of this contract.

Eligibility Requirement for SEAL ASVAB

The requirements that the applicants should meet for enlistment as a Navy SEAL are summed up in the following points:

  • The upper age limit of an applicant who is willing to take ASVAB for enlistment in the Navy SEAL should not exceed 28 years and the lower age limit is determined to not to be below 17 years. The consent of parents is considered for all those applicants who have not yet attained 18 years.

  • The candidates for SEAL should also qualify in PST or Physical Screening Test.

  •  As per the guidelines of the Defence Department, all SEAL applicants should be citizen of the United States.

  • The applicant should either be a high school graduate or possess GED or fulfill the criteria outlined by ASVAB, for becoming a SEAL and also those that are relevant for joining the Special Operations of the Naval Forces. However, for other queries or waivers related to eligibility, the recruiter offers proper guidance to the candidates.

  • The minimum score that should be obtained for becoming a SEAL candidate is 165, which is the sum total of the scores of General Science, Mechanical Comprehension and Electronic Information or 220 that combines the scores of Verbal Expression, Mathematics Knowledge, Mechanical Comprehension and Coding Speed. The minimum AFQT score for Navy is 35.

  • An applicant should meet the requirements of vision, which 20/25. In the best eye, the vision should be 20/40 and the worst eye should not fall below 20/70. Those applicants with color blindness cannot qualify as SEAL candidates.

  • As far as the background of an applicant is concerned, he/she should not have any pending criminal record. However, waivers are granted under special circumstances for which the Special Operations recruiter should be contacted.

  • The candidates for SEAL should also take the Computerized Special Operations Resilience Test or C-SORT that measures the perseverance and the decisiveness of the candidates.

As far as taking the test is concerned with respect to SEAL candidates, those applicants who do not belong to Navy can arrange for a retest after consulting the recruiter if their scores are not high enough. However, if the score of Mechanical Comprehension falls five points below the actual requirements, it is not possible for a test taker to obtain a waiver.


The candidates for SEAL represent the Special Operations of the Naval Forces in the United States. While they should meet  all the requirements outlined for performing their tasks, the level of firmness, resolution and determination of the applicants count towards their success. Moreover, they should also excel in the physical tests that are administered for enlistment in Navy SEAL.