Official Pre-Test for ASVAB

Pre test ASVAB from the official website

ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude battery. This test has to be taken up by individuals who are interested in getting enlisted in the armed services of the U.S. Like for any test, practice is very important for all the sub-tests in the examination. Practice tests taken before the final examination help the examinees to understand how the test will be and how they will fare in it. At the same time, the test helps the candidates in identifying their weak areas. They can work on these areas to increase their score.

ASVAB Pre Test

Many websites now offer such tests, to be taken prior to your final attempt. However, it is best to look up the official website before moving to other websites for sample questions and pre tests.

ASVAB Official Site

The Official site of the ASVAB offers sample questions for each of the 10 subtests of the ASVAB. The link to the sample questions is For each of the subtests, there are 3 questions except the Assembling Objects subset which has only 2 questions. After an answer is checked, the website tells if the answer is correct or incorrect. One can try repeatedly to get the right answer. These questions are real ASVAB questions that have been asked in the previous years. is a military membership organization and it is the largest. They have both short and a full versions of practice tests designed on the lines of the actual examination. There are 3 tests in each of these versions. The short test contains 40 questions. One has to fill in the details in a form in the website before the tests can be taken up. The website also suggests resources and study guides to help you learn to prepare for the test. This website can be accessed, by clicking on the following link: The full length mock tests are very good practice materials for the real test.

Importance of ASVAB preparation

ASVAB is an aptitude test and assesses multiple abilities of the candidate.

  • As a start point, one needs to be aware of the skills that will be tested through it. With a good preparation, one can get a good score. With a good score, one can opt for top jobs in the areas of his/her interest.
  • While attempting any exam, one has to be familiar with the question types, time duration and the format of the test. Taking a mock test will give a clear insight into
    • the number of subtests,
    • number of questions in each subtest,
    • the content that is tested in each of the subtests,
    • time duration for each of the subtest and
    • most importantly how you will perform in the real test.
  • One may be very good at the subject but answering the questions within the time limit is the important trick in getting a good score in the examination and practice tests will help you evaluate your performance. By practicing well, one will know the format of the test, rules and regulations that have to be followed in the test. This will save time while taking up the real test. When these are well known, there will be no surprises at the exam hall.

  • There are 3 versions of this examination and one has to decide what type he/she will be taking up. The CAT-ASVAB (Compute Adaptive Test format - ASVAB) is a little different from P&P- ASVAB (Paper & Pencil test format ASVAB). Apart from these, there is also the Student ASVAB test format. Before attempting the real ASVAB, the examinees have to be familiar with these versions as well. Repeatedly taking up test practices will give a clear edge during the test.

  • After taking a practice test prior to the final attempt, one can concentrate on the subjects and topics in which he/she has not performed well. After this, one can also decide if he/she needs to attend any prep classes. There are many pre tests available online. Taking these tests will increase the speed which will help the examinee to perform better in the real test.

  • One can set a goal, a score one needs to achieve and can work towards achieving that goal. Ultimately, practice is the only solution to get a high ASVAB score.