Vocabulary List for ASVAB

Importance of Good Vocabulary for ASVAB

ASVAB is offered to millions of high school and post secondary students across United States for allowing them to enter the military and select the services in Navy, Marines, Army and the Air Force. By taking this examination the applicants are able to show their willingness to face the challenges of the military and pursue their career in this field. The following are the subtests that are to be successfully tackled by each applicant:

  • General Science

  • Word Knowledge

  • Paragraph Comprehension

  • Arithmetic Reasoning

  • Mathematics Knowledge

  • Electronics Information

  • Auto and Shop Information

  • Mechanical Comprehension

  • Assembling Objects

In order to answer the questions in Word Knowledge section, the candidates should work on their vocabulary skills. Each applicant will have to compete with thousands of other candidates for attaining success. Therefore, working on a vocabulary list is one of the primary requirements of the test takers for eliminating their chances of disqualifying for the minimum score. In short, thorough knowledge of the list will put the candidates in a better situation while attempting the questions of this section.

The Reasons for Sharpening the Skills of Vocabulary

The following reasons will demonstrate the reasons for which each applicant should try to strengthen his skills on the vocabulary:

  • The Word Knowledge section contains multiple choice questions that are supposed to be answered in 11 minutes. Therefore, the students should have comprehensive knowledge of  vocabulary  in order to avoid making last minute guesses and choose the wrong answer.

  • While appearing for the final examination, a candidate will have no option of returning to the Word Knowledge section once he has moved on to the next section and realizes that the answer chosen by him in the previous section was incorrect. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire extensive knowledge rather than biting nails with wild guesswork.

  • It is often difficult to understand the exact meaning of a word in this section. Therefore, you must have a strong vocabulary to evaluate the meaning of a word. Consulting the dictionary, journals, magazines and novels is the best way to familiarize with new words.

  • Obtaining a good score in Word Knowledge subtest will ensure that a candidate is able to move forward towards securing a career option in the military. Therefore, the urge of learning new words and phrases will help an applicant to hone his skills of vocabulary and eventually obtain good scores.

The Online Resources for Learning Vocabulary

The vocabulary list is available online and the candidates who intend to take this examination will have access to some of the best resources that are available in this medium:

With the availability of vocabulary list online, it has become easy and convenient for the candidates to sharpen their skills of vocabulary. However, the students must also apply their knowledge of vocabulary by taking regular practice tests for learning the techniques of choosing the right word and move towards a rewarding and successful career in the military in United States.