Tutoring for ASVAB

How to Judge an ASVAB Tutoring Service

It is a standardized test that assesses your competence to join military services. While the task of preparing for the test can be daunting for some, others are able to sail in using the right kind of help, which can be in the form of classroom tutorials, online medium, or in-home tutoring. The method each candidate chooses is unique to his/her requirement. This article focuses on a few well-known tutoring services and provides pointers to select a tutor.

Wyz Ant Tutoring

This service is a database of tutors who are available based upon your requirements, such as the kind of help or tutoring services you need and the rate you are willing to pay. This tutoring service mostly focuses on tutors who can teach you within the comfort of your home. The tutors are professionally certified and tested at regular intervals to guarantee you optimal services.

The tutorial website is easy to navigate through. For example, there are six tabs, one for each subject, other miscellaneous ones; Math, English, Science, Language, Test Prep, and Others.

The tutoring service allows you to request for a background check on tutors you intend to hire. You can request this for security purposes only. You can search for tutors to teach you, review tutors who have taught you, as well as schedule your own classes according to your convenience. There are more than a hundred tutors available for you to choose from. All related information about a particular tutor is also available, such as the rating of the tutor, testimonials, their experience, rate per hour and so on.

For more information about finding tutors, see http://www.wyzant.com/asvab_tutors.aspx.

Stepping Stone Tutors

This service also caters to students who require home-tutoring or online tutoring. Students signing up with this tutoring service receive a free copy of the 'How to Ace the ASVAB'. Stepping Stone tutors are also available during evenings and weekends. Thus, you can choose a timing that is most convenient for you. They offer discounts on packages or the number of hours you sign up for. The rates are competitive compared to other services. For more information about finding an in-home tutor, see http://www.steppingstonetutors.com/asvab.php.

Tutor Select

This service provides for in-person tutoring as well as online tutoring. The website includes a convenient search field that you can use to search tutors in your area by entering the name of the area you reside in and by entering the subject you want help in. You can find a range of tutors who are well-qualified and proficient in helping students in preparing for many types of standardized tests.
For more information about finding tutors, see http://www.tutorselect.com/find/asvab/tutors.

ASVAB Tutors

The tutors advise you about the various study options, ranging from self study to private tutoring and online tutoring. This ASVAB tutoring service offers the latter two options to prepare for the test. The private tutoring service uses the services of the Wyz Ant tutoring service to search for tutors in your area. The online ASVAB tutoring service is available in two options:

  • A one-to-one online tuition
  • A small group online tuition

For more information about finding tutors, see http://www.asvabtutors.com/.

Points to Consider when Selecting a Tutoring Service

1. Assess your requirement: Think about the kind of tutoring you need. Ask yourself questions such as: Do I need help in the Math section, the Verbal section or both? Do I know enough about specialized subjects, such as Auto and Shop Information, Electronic Information, General Science, Mechanical Comprehension, and Assembling Objects, to help me get a high line score or the MOS score?

2. Find out about the tutor: Ask around friends who are also preparing or have prepared for the test to know about the popular tutors who have helped students score high.

3. Check your budget: Set a limit and know how much you can spend on tutorial services. There will be other costs too; if you plan to go to the tutorial center, you will need to travel, which can incur expenses.

4. Request a background check on the tutor: It is usually good to insist on a background check for security reasons, especially if you intend to opt for at-home tutoring.