Tips for ASVAB

7 ASVAB Tips You Must Consider!

ASVAB or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a multi-aptitude test. Aptitudes in the Science and Technology, Mathematics, Verbal and Spatial domains are evaluated in this test. It is administered by the Department of Defenses to select candidates for the U.S. Military Services.
All the questions in this test are multiple-choice questions and the level of the questions pertains to the high school level. A good, sincere and dedicated preparation for the test will only help you to pass this exam. At the same time, utilizing some tips will help you study better and ace the test in a convenient manner.

Tips to Ace the ASVAB

Like for any exam, there are a few tips that will help you get a better score. These are detailed below:

1. Learn about the Test

The first and foremost of the tips is to learn about the test. Understand the subtests and the types of questions that are asked in them. You should also know about the time duration of the subtests. There are two versions of the test available, the CAT-ASVAB and the P&P-ASVAB. Learn about both of them and decide on the version that you would like to take up and prepare accordingly.

2. Decide on the Method of Preparation

Another of the tips that you must follow is to decide on the method of preparation you prefer. Like for any test, you have options for the method of study for this test as well. The options are:

  • Self-Study- If you are confident and the kind of person who is self-driven, then self-study is the best option for you. Using this method, you can prepare for the test by yourself at your own pace.

  • Combined Studies- If you work better in small groups, then you and your friends can join together and prepare for the test. The advantages in this method are that you can share books and test each other within the group itself.

  • Professional help- If you think you need external or professional help, then it is best to join a professional coaching center for preparation. In this method, the main advantage is that all the study materials will be given by the coaching center itself.

3. Collect the Study Materials

Collection of study materials is an important step in preparation. If you are planning to study by yourself, then you must collect good study materials for your preparation. However, you must read the reviews of books and identify the one that suits your requirements, before you purchase the book. If you are planning to study along with your friends, then each one of you can buy one book and share those among yourselves. If you are going ahead with the third option of professional help for preparation, then you don't have to worry as the study materials will be given by the tutors.

4. Brush up your High School Concepts

The questions correspond to the high school level. Therefore, it is very important that you brush up your high school concepts and principles. By doing this, you can study better and answer the questions in an easier way.

5. Draft a Schedule

Planning is the most important part of your preparation. Start preparing for the test at least two months ahead of the test date. First, take a sample test and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, allot hours of study for each of the subtests. The time table that you prepare must be doable. You must alternate your strong and weak subjects while studying. At the same time, you must allot time for review and review your schedule every alternate day to find out if you are sticking to the schedule you drafted. Also make sure that you have an hour or two in a week to catch up on any time that you have lost. Practice tests also need to be included in your time table. Also make sure that you have a few hours of relaxation in your schedule. This will help you to concentrate and learn better.

6. Practice Tests

It is important that you take up as many practice tests as possible. These tests will help you understand where exactly you stand in your preparation and whether you need to put in more hours of study. The best of the tips that is given in this article is that you need to take these practice tests very seriously. Practice tests are available online and also with most books. These practice tests also help you to manage your time in answering the questions better and understand the question patterns.

7. Avoid Stress

However well you prepare for the test, what you do on the test day matters the most. With a stressed mind, even easy questions may appear difficult. Therefore, it is important that you learn to relax your mind and have a good night's sleep before the test.


By following the above said tips, you can ace the test very easily. You must follow all these sincerely, pass the test and get enlisted in the U.S. Military Services.