Preparation for ASVAB

One of the most prestigious career options is to be a part of the US military services. Being in the US Army, Navy or Air force is not only considered a pride but also is a responsibility that has to be shouldered with courage and ability. It is a path that is chosen by few determined people who have the will and aptitude to join the forces. However, having the aptitude is not enough unless a person is trained to go through the specific recruitment procedure.

Demands of a Career in Military Services

Jobs related to the military services are extremely demanding. One requires to be knowledgeable, physically fit and mentally strong. The challenges faced in the career path of a military personal requires the exhibition of exceptioasvab-test-preparation.aspxnal talent and knowledge. Such talent maybe innate to a certain extent, however, it is a matter of realizing these innate abilities. Moreover, it is also possible to adopt most of the skills required to join the services with persistent preparation for the recruitment services.

How can you Benefit from Preparation for ASVAB?

ASVAB is a test of multiple abilities. Good preparation can help you to swim through this test with ease. The groundwork required to take the test helps in understanding the types of skills tested in it and matching up your skill level to the required expectations.

It is designed to evaluate the aptitude of students through a battery of several tests. Preparation makes you realize these different areas and thus you can work towards making them your strengths in order to score well in the test. A high score in this test is very beneficial since it opens the way to the top jobs in specific fields.

By preparing for this test you can:

  • make an estimate of the content areas asked in it
  • become aware of the areas in which you falter, and hence train yourself accordingly
  • recognize the test pattern and instructions to be followed, which gives you confidence of knowing the test in advance
  • handle the types of questions on different subtests skillfully
  • set your desired score as your goal and make efforts to achieve it

Preparation Required for ASVAB

All the subtests of this test can be classified in four content areas. These are

  1. Verbal
  2. Math
  3. Science and technology
  4. Assembling objects

The students need to pay individual attention to the content of each subtest under these categories.

1. How to Prepare for Verbal Subtests

The verbal subtests are Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension. Word Knowledge subtest tests your vocabulary. The knowledge of words acquired in school helps a great deal in attempting well in this test. However, this does not mean that candidates who have not acquired a good vocabulary are not able to do well in it.

It is possible to improve your vocabulary and other verbal skills during preparation by reading a dictionary and other books in general. Exercises like reading the newspapers, magazines etc. and looking up for difficult words are helpful in increasing your word knowledge.

You are not required to have prior knowledge of the topics for the Paragraph Comprehension subtest. Instead, you are required to prepare to take a comprehension test. The student is required to answer several direct and indirect questions in the context of the passage. Hence, the best technique of preparation for this subtest is practice of sample Paragraph Comprehension questions. Practice to find out the main idea of the paragraph, understand the details and make inferences from them. Good knowledge of vocabulary and grammar also helps in this subtest.

2. Preparation for Math Subtests

It is most important to prepare for this section of the test for the given reasons. Firstly both, Arithmetic Reasoning and Math knowledge contribute towards the score in Armed Forces Qualifying Test. Secondly, these subtests involve skills of precision, mental accuracy and alertness. Any dwindle in the preparation level can result in careless answers, which can affect the score to a great extent.

However, the candidates should not get unnerved due to these facts because mastery in this content area can be achieved with regular practice of sample test questions. You need to practice specific questions, as are asked in the math subtests that require problem solving and mathematical calculations. The students need to brush up their concepts of math learnt in their high school years.

3. Preparation for Science and Technology

Science and Technology forms the largest part of the test since five subtests are devoted to testing of this content area. Moreover, most of the subtests under this content area are required for getting into a specialized field in the military services. Therefore, in order to score well in this area it is required that one concentrates on these subjects and secures a high overall test score.

The student must turn to his high school education since the questions of General Science are based on concepts and principles taught in high school. For the training in specific areas like Auto and Shop Information, Mechanical Comprehension etc., you can take the help of study guides, sample questions and other study materials for the test.

4. Preparation for Assembling Objects

Preparing for this part of the test is different from that of the other subtests. No prior knowledge is required to take this subtest. However, candidates can prepare themselves for this part of the test in a number of ways.

Assembling Objects is a test that involves the candidates to perceive abstract images and formulate decisions. Hence, mind games like jigsaw puzzles and certain computer games can serve as good prep tools for this section. Solving a number of sample questions also helps to sharpen your abilities to take the test.

Devising a Plan for Preparation

Military life is about discipline and organization. If you are disciplined enough to plan your preparation, it indicates that you can go a long way in this career. In order to organize your preparation, you need to keep the following things into consideration.

  • Time required for complete preparation
  • Time required for preparation of each subtest
  • Method of study to be employed
  • Time for revision and practice

All these factors need introspection at a personal level. A preparation plan is distinct for each candidate since the needs of each candidate differ. If a candidate requires lesser time to prepare for the Math subtests, another might require more time for it. Similarly, one candidate maybe able to study well on his own with the help of study materials but another candidate may require the help of supervisors and guides of a coaching institute. Hence, a preparation plan must be devised keeping the personal needs in mind.

Preparation Help Available

Help is extended for prospective candidates in many forms. There is a vast storehouse of study materials including books, manuals, and online materials etc. to prepare for each content area. Along with this, students can seek the help of experts by enrolling to a preparation course in their locality. Online options also offer such expert help through Internet at one???s home.

Guidance for students is also offered on the official website of ASVAB, It offers preparation guidelines for the test as well as numerous practice sample questions for each of the subtests. It also explains the test in detail so that students can familiarize themselves with the requirements of subtests as well as CAT and paper and pencil format of the test.


Concentrating on the content area of each subtest during preparation is the key to success in the test. Having the determination and will to do well in the test right from the start will help you choose your course of preparation to a great extent. Hence, be positive and gear up to take the test.