Schedule for the ASVAB

How to Decide Your ASVAB Testing Schedule?

ASVAB is the most important gateway to military recruitment in the US. In addition, the test also helps you assess your own skills and aptitude, and explore non-military career options that suite your skills and talents. If you are planning to take this test, learn more about the procedure of schedule in details:

ASVAB Testing - What and Why?

Since 1976, all the wings of  US military have been using a single aptitude test series (ASVAB) for recruiting candidates. The examination consists of different aptitude tests that help evaluate the eligibility of candidates for armed forces enlisting, and in classifying the selected candidates into appropriate job roles within the forces. Every year, thousands of high school and senior school students attempt this test as a career exploration tool. The purpose of this examination is to help students in understanding their own skills, aptitudes, and talents.

For more information on the examination, refer to the official websites:

The Test Schedule : Things to Know

As there are two different purposes of the test, the candidates, administrators,the schedule and dates also differ. The test is scheduled and administered in two different contexts; as a part of military recruitment and as a part of the Career Exploration Program at schools.

  • When this test is administered as a part of the military enlisting process,  by the recruiters (armed service personnel with 5-10 years of military experience) free of cost, the candidates applying for military enlistment are selected to take the test after an initial interview. In the interview certain important eligibility factors are evaluated like, age, dependent details, medical history, and criminal background if any. Before a test schedule is assigned for the candidate, some recruiters also administer a pre-screening test to roughly estimate the applicants' performance in AFQT. Accordingly, only a selected lot of applicants are given a schedule for this test. You can find more information at the official website (; you may also visit

  • When administered as a part of the Career Exploration Program (CEP) in schools, this test is again offered free of cost. However, the program is administered by civilian Education Services Specialists who are not into armed forces recruiting, the schedule is different from that of military recruitment administration, and is created for the participating schools.

When and Where to Take the ASVAB Test?

As mentioned earlier, the schedule for this test is decided based on the test administration. It should be remembered that the test is administered by recruiters according to their recruitment needs and as per a fixed schedule as decided by the participating schools; therefore, as an aspiring candidate, you cannot choose or decide the test schedule.

  • As a part of the military recruitment process, the test is administered usually at Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS). This would generally be a CAT-ASVAB, or the computerized version of the test. The test is also administered at satellite Military Entrance Test (MET) sites, if there are no MEPS available in the locality. Your recruiter will guide you about where to take this test and also about the schedule. You can find a list of Military Entrance Processing Stations in the United States at

  • As a part of the Career Exploration Program, the test dates are often scheduled by the schools. You can find more information at:

Depending on whether you take the test as a part of the CEP at school, or as a part of military enlisting, the test center, and eligibility criteria may differ, along with the test schedule. However, the test content, question types, and the scoring criteria remain the same, and depending on the purpose of testing, the scores help you get a career