How to Study for ASVAB on Your Own?

Self-help for ASVAB Preparation

Joining the U.S. military services is an ambition that many young U.S. citizens nurture from a very young age. For joining the U.S. military forces, one needs to get a good score in the ASVAB. A strict and disciplined approach and proper preparation will help you achieve high scores in the test.


ASVAB is a battery of tests. It tests the aptitude of the examinees in Verbal, Math, Science and Technology, and Assembling Objects. There are 10 subtests in the entire examination. The following points help you to plan your preparatory schedule for the test.

  • Preparation for ASVAB
    Strong preparation is required if one has to get a good score in the examination and get enlisted in the U.S. military services. Preparation for the test should be systematic. High school principles in Math and Science should be learnt well.

  • Learn About the Test
    Before you take up any test, you must understand what the test is about and the different sections and question types in the examination. This will help you prepare and study better. So understand the nature of the ASVAB, before you begin your test preparation.

  • Pre Test
    Take a practice test to get a feel of the final examination. This will tell you, where you stand. Your strong and weak areas can be understood after you take a pre-test. Based on this score, you can draft your study schedule.

  • Self-study or Classes
    You have two options for ASVAB preparation. You can study by yourself or you can join some preparation classes and study as per the curriculum recommended by the tutors there. Among the two, self-study is a good option and will help you to study at your convenience. On the other hand, if you join the preparatory classes, the main advantage is that the schedule and materials are ready and you need to follow the instructions given in the class. However, whichever option you choose, you have to study hard.


If you choose to do self-study, you need to first draft a schedule. The schedule must be doable. You have to stick to the schedule and prepare well. Divide your time based on your strengths and weaknesses to cover the four main areas of testing - Verbal, Math, Science and technology and Assembling Objects.The basic information about these sections has been provided here under:

  • Verbal Subtests
    The subtests Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension fall under this category. The best way to prepare for Word Knowledge is to read a lot of general English books. Use a dictionary to learn the meanings of new words. For Paragraph Comprehension, read small passages and try to understand the meaning and the main idea of the passage. A good vocabulary and a strong foundation in grammar is a great advantage while preparing for this subtest.

  • Math Subtests
    Arithmetic Reasoning and Math Knowledge are the math subtests. Both these subtests' score is used for computing the AFQT score. Therefore, math subtests are important and a thorough preparation is required. A good  knowledge of high school math will help in preparing for these subtests. Regular practice and good concentration are the most important techniques to get a good score in these subtests.

  • Science and Technology
    There are five subtests that come under the Science and technology category. They are General Science, Electronics Information, Auto Information, Shop Information and Mechanical Comprehension. The scores in these subtests are important as they are required for joining specific jobs in the U.S. military. Here again, high school science concepts must be studied well.

  • Assembling Objects
    Prior knowledge in this subject is not required. Abstract images need to be perceived and understood to answer this subtest. Solving jigsaw puzzles and answering such abstract questions will help you prepare for this subtest.


When preparing on your own for the ASVAB, one needs to be sincere and disciplined. This battery of tests evaluates the knowledge and aptitude of the candidates that are required for various jobs in the military services. To help with your preparation, you can purchase self-study guides. These books prove helpful for overall test preparation. Take as many practice tests as possible. This will increase your answering speed and will help in understanding the format of the test better. Finally, it must be said that practice is the only fail-safe method to prepare properly for the examination.