Preparation for the ASVAB

5 Reasons Why ASVAB Prep is Required?

All competitive exams require a high level of disciplined and sincere preparation. ASVAB or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is no exception. Proper preparation will ensure that one gets a high score in the test. A high score is important as this is the first step towards getting enlisted in the U.S. Military Services.

Preparation for ASVAB

Preparing for this examination is easy as the level of the questions asked in the exam pertains to the high school syllabus. All the questions in the test fall under any one of the 4 domains, Math, Science and Technology, Verbal and Spatial. One needs to be strong in the basic principles of math, science, technology and verbal skills. Many books and online tests are available to help candidates prepare for the test.

Above all, in order to prepare well for the test, one needs to be systematic in preparation; learn about the test thoroughly first; practice as many practice tests as possible and decide on a method for preparation: self-study or attending prep classes. It is important that a study schedule is drafted and followed carefully.

There are two versions of the test available, the Computerized ASVAB (CAT-ASVAB) and the Paper and Pencil ASVAB (P&P-ASVAB). The strategies of taking these tests vary and one needs to decide on which version he/she will be taking up. Though the preparation for both is almost the same, different strategies have to be applied while taking the test. One needs to decide and prepare accordingly.

Requirements for ASVAB preparation

Preparing diligently for the test is very important to achieve high scores. The most important reasons why one needs to prepare well for the test are given below,

  • Brushing up of the basics
  • Application of the principles
  • Speed
  • The pattern followed in the test
  • The rules of the test
  • Brushing up of the basics Questions asked in the examination correspond to the high school level education. As a matter of fact, one would have studied this syllabus at school but may not remember during the exam. Therefore, to avoid this kind of a situation, thorough groundwork is essential so that, one can refresh whatever he/she has studied. Such a preparation will ensure that one remembers the principles studied to solve the problems that come up in the test.

  • Application of the principles Not just learning them, but one even needs to know how to apply the principles that he/she has learnt in school. While preparing for the test, one learns how to solve problems with the help of these principles. However, applying one's knowledge to solve problems can be mastered only with practice.Hence, practice and familiarity with application of the principles are important parts of ASVAB preparation.

  • Speed Speed is very important as ASVAB is a timed test. Only with practice one can increase the speed at which one solves the problems. The more one practices, the faster one will be able to solve the problems. This will ensure that one finishes the test paper correctly in the allotted time.

  • The pattern followed in the test One must know the pattern of the test to be able to answer the questions easily. During preparation one will learn about what to expect in the test. This way, there will be no surprises at the exam center. By solving the practice tests, one will learn about the types of questions that are asked in the final test. This is very important, since unseen types of questions appearing at the exam hall will tend to stress the candidate.

  • Rules of the Test Any exam will have rules. While planning for the examination, you should learn about the test's rules and regulations. This way, one need not spend time in understanding the rules at the exam hall. At the same time, since one knows the rules, chances of making mistakes while answering the test will be minimum. For example, in the CAT-ASVAB, one cannot go review or change the answer once it is submitted. When one knows this, he/she will be careful before submitting an answer.


From the above said reasons, proper preparation is of vital importance, if you want to fare well in the examination. A thorough preparation is a pre-requirement for anyone planning to take the test in near future. With a sincere and disciplined preparation and homework, one can ace the test and get enlisted in the U.S. Military Services.