Classroom Sessions for ASVAB

5 Essentials of Good ASVAB Prep Classes

Classroom sessions are a boon for those students who have very little idea about preparing for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. Preparatory classes or ASVAB training are a one-stop source that provide students with information about all that is required for the test. It is important that you select a training course carefully and also think about supplementing it with extra reference material such as books and guides.

Essentials of Good Prep Classes

1. Take a diagnostic test first:

Any good ASVAB training course should provide a diagnostic test at the outset. Before you even enroll for the program, it is important for you and the prep class coordinator to know the level of knowledge or amount of preparedness you have. Doing so will help the tutor to understand where to begin and how to guide you through the course. Moreover, you can be enrolled in a class with students who have a similar level of knowledge so that all students maintain the same pace.

2. Tutors available to provide guidance:

The course that you select must have expert tutors to teach you the subjects in a way that you understand easily. Check the success rate of the organization's classroom course to determine whether there have been past successes. Also, check whether tutors will be available at other times to clarify doubts.

3. Supplement with materials:

Usually, classes complement the courses taught with additional study material in order to help you understand a concept better or for revision purposes. Check whether your training course offers this because it would help you refer to content in your own time.

4. Take regular practice tests to check progress:

Regular practice tests ensure that you are on track and also check your progress in subjects. Practice tests can also tell you what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. It is the single determinant of your progress and can help you to predict the kind of scores you will achieve in the final test.

5. Cover all areas of the ASVAB:

Make sure that the course you choose includes all the subjects covered in this test so that you do not waste time in searching for classes who provide tutoring for the remaining subjects. Going to separate classes will consume time and energy, not to mention the expenditure incurred. Thus, it is worthwhile to go to a single center that teaches you all the subjects.

Essential Features Of Some ASVAB Classroom Sessions
Mt. San Antonio College

If you live in or around California, the Adult Basic Education Lab of Mt. San Antonio College provides sessions for students who wish to appear for this test. The preparatory class includes the following:

  • Diagnostic tests to assess your knowledge before you have taken the course.
  • Tutorials in the form of:
    • Groups
    • Computer
    • Individualized Study Plan
  • Tips and strategies to take the examination in a competent manner.

To find more information, email and contact number, click the following link:

Miami Dade College

If you live in and around Florida, the Miami Dade College's School of Continuing Education & Professional Development offers training sessions, to help you prepare for the examination. The prep course focuses on subjects that are important for the AFQT scoring:

  • Word Knowledge
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Mathematics Knowledge
  • Arithmetic Reasoning

The classes are usually held during the morning at the Homestead campus. The course fee is $105 for 12 hours.

Mulholland Prep

The Mulholland classroom sessions are a short classroom course to help you brush up for the ASVAB. It provides 15 classroom hours of which:

  • Classroom instruction is split across 9 hours
  • 6 hours are dedicated to taking practice tests

The Mulholland service also recommends that you dedicate at least two hours each day for homework and three hours for classroom instruction. They also teach tips and strategies to help you solve problems and these are exclusive to their organization. The preparatory class also teaches you how to use your time wisely as well as build confidence.

To find out more about joining the Mulholland prep, click the following link: