What are the Benefits of Pre-Tests for ASVAB?

7 Benefits of ASVAB Pre Tests

What is ASVAB?

ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is the test that assesses your aptitude for military service. If you are interested in a career in the US military, then you should aim to get a good score in the ASVAB. A high score can ensure that you qualify for military service, and also the position that you want.

Advantages of Taking Pre Tests:

The thought of taking the ASVAB is quite daunting for most people. A good way to build your confidence is to take the mock tests . Of course the most important thing to do is to study for the test, but taking lots of practice exams can improve your preparation for the actual test. These tests should be full length, that is, they resemble the actual test in the number of questions, subtests and question types. Pre tests are also available for the individual sections of the entrance test for armed forces. The seven exceptional benefits of taking the practice tests are:

  1. A full length pre test taken right at the start of your preparation can help you to determine how much you actually need to prepare. It is good to understand this right at the beginning, so that you can select your study material, or perhaps get someone to coach you.

  2. An initial pre test can also tell you how much time you need for preparation. This will give you a fair idea of when to take the actual test.

  3. It is also good to discover your weak and strong areas right at the start. This way you can focus your time and attention on any weak areas. Some people have mistaken ideas about their strong and weak points. A pre test can clarify this for you.

  4. An initial full length pre test may be a source of encouragement to you. You may perform better than what you had expected. If this happens, it can reduce some of the fear you may be experiencing, at the thought of taking the ASVAB.

  5. Taking pre tests section-wise will enable you to see if your preparation is sufficient or not. Your preparation will be more organized, as you will be able to assess yourself at the end of each section.

  6. The practice exams can help you to train yourself, to finish the actual test within the allotted time.

  7. Finally, the more practice tests you take, the more familiar you will become with the actual test. You will gain confidence, and feel more comfortable on the day of the ASVAB.

A Little Caution:

Although ASVAB pre tests are a wonderful way to boost your preparation, it is better to keep these words in mind:

  1. Don't spend too much time on these tests. You should spend most of your preparation time on studying.

  2. With the mock tests, discouragement or overconfidence is also possible. You should avoid both.

  3. Your pre test scores are not the "last word" on your performance. Your actual test scores are the ones that matter.

Where to Find ASVAB Pre Tests:

You can attempt a pre test more than once. If the scores of your first attempt are not satisfactory, study a little more, perhaps go through the concepts again, and repeat the pre test. Most likely you will find that your scores have improved. The practice samplers are an excellent way to supplement your regular ASVAB preparation, provided you use them well.