Guidelines to Prepare for ASVAB Mathematics Subtest

Step-by-Step Math Prep Guide

The ASVAB constitutes a series of subtests on different topics that are administered to high school and post secondary students for joining the Armed Forces in United States. The candidates can either take this test on paper or appear for the computer-based tests according to their convenience. While the scoring pattern and essence of both these test formats are similar, the techniques or strategies for taking these tests are different, along with the number of questions that are asked in these.
The subtest on Mathematics Knowledge is perhaps one of those sections of the test that is most nerve-wracking although the standard of questions is based on the tenets of high school mathematics. However, those candidates who are generally apprehensive about tackling the questions on mathematics may have to gear up their practice for obtaining good scores in this section.

Significance of Math Prep

It is not surprising therefore, that every applicant is more careful when it comes to the selection of preparatory materials for the Mathematics sub-test of the examination. As a matter of fact, it is essential to follow a specific guideline while preparing for the subtest on Mathematics so as to enhance the AFQT scores. The scores you receive in the Mathematics contribute towards the AFQT scores, which consequently determine the eligibility of the candidates to select a wing of the Armed Forces such as Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force for establishing a career in.

Guidelines for ASVAB Math Prep

The following points will present a sequential guide for candidates, as far as preparing for this sub-test is concerned:

  • The preparation for this section of the ASVAB should ideally begin from high school. Therefore, those candidates who intend to take this test while they are in high school should select their subjects accordingly for better practice and preparation.

  • You must choose a preparatory course after careful consideration. In fact, the course should focus on intensive practice sessions for the subtest on Mathematics. This is necessary because constant practice will help the test takers gain confidence while taking the actual test.

  • It is also necessary for the test takers to gauge their areas of strength with respect to the subtest. The questions in this section will revolve around algebra, numbers, calculation of interest, rounding, exponents, whole numbers, integers, decimals, geometry and measurement. Thus, a candidate may have confidence for attempting the questions of algebra and rounding, but not on the other sections. Therefore, one must try to work more on the areas of weakness for raising his/her scores.

  • When it comes to preparing for the math sub-test , there is no better alternative than practice whether it is for improving the areas of weakness or working on the areas of strength. The following online preparatory course: has an entire section dedicated to the lessons of Mathematics for assisting candidates. However, there are other online prep courses also that are available for the test takers.

  • The prep course chosen by an applicant should also offer guidance on the strategies for tackling the subtest on mathematics along with relevant content for helping the test takers.

  • The subtest on Mathematics consists of 16 questions that are to be answered within 20 minutes in the computer based test and 25 questions in 24 minutes in the paper based test. Therefore, ensure that the course you enroll in advises the test takers about the ways in which it is possible to choose the maximum number of correct options within a specific time limit. In short, test takers should be able to feel confident while answering the Mathematics subtest rather than feel anxious and lose the opportunity to score well.


The preparation for the subtest on Mathematics will depend on the requirements of the candidates to a large extent. Therefore, there is no single method for  preparing for the Mathematics Knowledge (MK) sub-test that is suitable for all. Hence, while selecting a prep course for the subtest on Mathematics, the content or the material of the course should be carefully examined by test takers. However, a candidate should also concentrate on self study as it will allow him to judge his level of preparation and the areas that need more focus.