Math Formulas That are Important for ASVAB

Math Formulas That You Must Not Forget

The ASVAB is a test that serves as a gateway for all those candidates across the United States who are keen to join the military services or the Armed Forces of this country. However, the test is divided into different sections or subtests pertaining to varied subjects that are based on the standard of high school education. As a matter of fact, the ASVAB is administered to high school and post secondary students.

Brief Overview of Mathematics Knowledge

Although, the subtest on Mathematics is not very difficult, a majority of applicants are jittery and anxious while tackling the problems of Mathematics Knowledge. However, those candidates who have scored consistently well in Mathematics while studying in high school should not find this section too difficult. On the other hand, those who are not confident enough while finding solutions to the problems of Mathematics should focus on sufficient preparation for obtaining good scores in this section. For this, they should remember the various Mathematical formulae in order to answer all the 16 questions within the duration of 20 minutes. The questions in this section are based on Algebra, Rounding, Numbers, Interest Calculation, Fractions and Exponents.

Besides remembering the formulae, the most viable solution for tackling this subtest with confidence is to follow rigorous practice before the arrival of the date of final examination. In fact, the subtest on Mathematics Knowledge is important as the score of this section is included in AFQT or Armed Forces Qualifying Test that determines the ability of the candidates for enlistment in Army, Navy, Marines and the Armed Forces. The Mathematical formulae should not be forgotten because the candidates are not allowed to use calculator or similar devices on the day of the test.

Math formulas for ASVAB Subtest

The following Math formulae should not be missed by a candidate while taking this the ASVAB math subtest:

  • Pythagorean Theorem: a²+b²=c² in which a and b refer to the two arms of the right angle and c is the length of the hypotenuse of the right triangle.

  • Diameter of a circle: d=2r in which r is the radius of the circle.

  • Radius of a circle: r=1/2 d in which d is the diameter of the circle.

  • Area of a Circle: πr²

  • Circumference of a Circle: 2πr

  • Perimeter of a Rectangle: p=2l + 2w in which l refers to the length and w is the width of the rectangle.

  • Area of a Rectangle: a=lw

  • Perimeter of a Square: p=4s in which s refers one side of the square.

  • Area of a Square: a=s²

  • Perimeter of a Triangle: p=s1+s2+s3, in which s refers to the length of each side of the triangle.

  • Area of a Triangle: a=1/2bh where b is the length of the base of a triangle and h is the height of the triangle.

  • Volume of a Cube: v=s³

  • Volume of a Cylinder: v=πr²h where r is the radius of the cylinder and h is the height of the cylinder.

Tips for Taking Mathematics Knowledge

In order to find solutions to the Mathematical problems, the candidates taking ASVAB should follow certain strategies for enhancing their scores in this section of the test:

  • During the final examination, the test takers must utilize the rough paper that is provided to them for making the calculations and selecting the correct answer. However, computing the answers will be easier and faster if they remember the different formulae.

  • For those problems that are difficult or complicated, the candidates should try to select the answer that is close and then calculate the correct answer.

  • There are some problems in this section that are apparently tricky for the test takers. However, the answer should be calculated with the help of the information that is required for the same and the rest should be discarded.

The easiest way of tackling the questions on Mathematics Knowledge is through regular practice, although remembering the various formulae is essential. In fact, an applicant will get an opportunity to remain ahead of his competitors and obtain an enlistment in his favorite wing of the military services in the United States if he is able to secure good scores in this subtest of ASVAB.