Types of ASVAB Classes Available

Different Types of ASVAB Classes

A good preparation is the solution to getting a high score in the ASVAB and thereafter getting enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces. Moreover, there are many options available, for one to choose from, for the ASVAB preparation.

  • Self-Study
  • Combined Studies
  • Attending Classes

Salient Features of the Two Types of ASVAB Preparatory Classes

Combined Studies

In this preparation method, two or three similar-minded friends can come together and prepare for the ASVAB. Here, all the candidates involved have to be sincere in the preparations. Each one has to motivate the others. The advantage in this method is that the books can be shared and concepts revised within the group itself.

Attending Classes

This is the most common method of ASVAB preparation. The classes can be offline or online. Here the major advantages are that:

  • The study materials will be provided by the tutor,
  • The study schedule will be drafted by the tutor and
  • All the doubts can be clarified with the tutor.

There are many classes conducted for the ASVAB and one can choose the class that will suit him/her the best.

Those individuals who are studying by themselves can also make use of these these courses. Some of these companies offer classes on an hourly basis. These classes can also be used for doubt clarification by the individuals.

Essential Features of Some ASVAB Training Classes

1. Peterson's Online Course for the ASVAB- http://www.petersons.com/college-search/asvab-course.aspx

This course gives instructions that are highly personalized. First, a pre-test is given which analyzes the individual's abilities. After this, a learning path is devised and the course continues on this set direction. Lessons, quizzes, flashcards and practice tests are also a part of this course. The fee for this course is $195.

2. Scored Perfect- http://www.scoredperfect.com/asvab.html

In this ASVAB course, students will be meeting with the tutor directly for the program. A free trial is offered to the students. If the students are interested, then they can take up the course. The classes will be scheduled for twice a week for an hour or two. The duration of the course depends on the package the individual signs up for and it may range between four and ten weeks. All the study materials required for the students for this course are provided by the tutor. The packages available are:

Package Name Cost($/hour) Suitable for
Basic 50 Students who need little help- This can be taken up by students who plan to do self-study.
Bronze 45 Students who know their basics but require help for applying them in an exam. The students have to sign up and pay for a minimum of 5 hours.
Silver 42 Students who know the basics but require help to master them and apply them. The students have to sign up and pay for a minimum of 10 hours.
Gold 35 Students who need to be trained from the basics. The students have to sign up and pay for a minimum of 20 hours.

3. Stepping Stone Tutor- http://www.steppingstonetutors.com/asvab.php

Both in-home and online tutoring is available with this company. All the tutors have a minimum of three years teaching experience. Hourly and discounted ASVAB packages are offered. The class room sessions can be scheduled for the weekends or evenings, as tutors are available during this time as well. The book "How to Ace the ASVAB" is given as a compliment to all those who register for this course.


There are many online and in-house courses on ASVAB available. If one enrolls in these classes all the study materials along with a study schedule are given to the candidate. Therefore, all that the candidate has to do is to follow the schedule properly and prepare well. However, as the adage goes, "there is no substitute for hard work", one needs to put in his/her hard work to achieve the desired results. These coaching classes are just a helping hand in doing this successfully.