Scores of ASVAB Armed Forces Qualification Test

7 Things You Need to Know about AFQT Scores

It is not unknown to people that in order to join the U.S Armed Forces; they need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB test. There are various subtests included in this exam and it is important that the test takers obtain high scores in them so that they have better chances of getting enlisted. There are two versions of the test and these are the computer based version and the pen and paper version. The former consists of ten subtests that have to be completed in 154 minutes whereas the latter version of ASVAB consists of nine subtests that need to be finished in 149 minutes.

What is AFQT Score?

The AFQT or Armed Forces Qualification Test score is a score that is used for the purpose of determining the basic eligibility to join the U.S Military. Until and unless you obtain a good score on the AFQT, you will not be able to join the Service of your preference. This score is very important as it will determine whether or not an individual is qualified to work in the Service of their preference.

Seven Things about AFQT Scores

Given below are some things regarding the Armed Forces Qualification Test score that you should be aware of, before you take the test:

1) The AFQT score is a percentile score, not the raw score. This means that the score a candidate will obtain will be a number from 1 to 99. The maximum score an individual can get on the test is 99 because he can perform better than 99% of all those individuals who took the test but he cannot perform better than himself. It is a comparative score that will measure how a person has performed in the test as compared to the other test takers in the same group. For example, if a candidate has obtained 70%, then this means that he has performed better as compared to 70% of the test takers in the same group

2) This score has been grouped into nine categories and these are:

  • Category I: Score of 93-99
  • Category II: Score of 65-92
  • Category III A: Score of 50-64
  • Category III B: Score of 31-49
  • Category IV A: Score of 21-30
  • Category IV B: Score of 16-20
  • Category IV C: Score of 10-15
  • Category V: Score of 0-9

3) Four subtests of the ASVAB are taken into account for the purpose of calculating the AFQT score. These are Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), Word Knowledge (WK) and Mathematics Knowledge (MK). These scores are calculated by making use of a predetermined formula, which is AR + MK + (2 x VE). Here, VE is the sum of Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge.

4) This is one of the most important scores that you will find in your score report because it will decide whether you will be able to join the U.S Armed Forces or not. If the AFQT score you have obtained is low, you will not be allowed to work in this field.

5) Various branches of the U.S Armed Forces have their own minimum score requirements. For instance, the Army requires at least 31 on the AFQT and the Coast Guard requires a minimum score of 40.

6) In order to score high in the AFQT, there is no option but to put in a lot of time and effort in preparing for the ASVAB because this is the only way you can score high. If you do not prepare for the exam properly, you will not be able to get good scores on the subtests and if your scores on the four subtests that make up the AFQT score are low, you will not be able to get enlisted. Of course, you can always try to do well by taking the test again. Thus, proper preparation is required if you want to join the U.S Armed Forces.

7) Seeking help and guidance from books or courses that have been created especially to help you improve your AFQT score is one way of getting a high score in the ASVAB. This, hence, helps one in realizing your dreams of establishing a career in the US Army.

By utilizing these points, one can gain the required AFQT score in the ASVAB test and thus, have a career in the US Army, which is one's ultimate goal behind putting in all this effort.