Pretest for ASVAB

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Army ASVAB Pretest

If you are planning for a career in the US Army, the scores of ASVAB are critically important. Though ASVAB may not require any extra coaching classes or programs for preparations, it is essential that potential candidates review the core topic areas covered in the test battery, and take a pretest and some other sample tests to understand about their own strengths and weaknesses. Read on to find more about the pre tests and their significance.

The ASVAB Test

The ASVAB is a battery of timed aptitude tests, that is used to decide the eligibility of candidates for US military enlisting and also for classifying purposes. While the scores of all subtests are used for classifying purposes, the scores of only four subtests are used to determine the candidates' eligibility into enlisting. Today, the test is also used by school students to explore their potential career options and as a self-assessment tool. You can find more information about the test- its contents, structure, formats, etc. at:

Preparing for ASVAB - Taking up an ASVAB Pretest

This test covers the basic topics of English, Math and General Science pertaining to the school/college level, in nine (in the P&P ASVAB) or ten (in the CAT-ASVAB) subtests. Moreover, though the test content is the same across all the military branches, the scoring requirements differ for enlisting into various military services including the US Army. For example, the US Army needs a minimum AFQT score of 31 for enlistment, while the Coast Guard and the Navy have higher minimum AFQT score requirements.

Also, the line score (subtest clusters) requirements differ for each of the wings of the armed forces. Accordingly, aspiring candidates to US Army need to set their target high scores as per their career interests, aspirations and aptitudes, in addition to the various score requirements of the ASVAB.

With multiple resources available both online and offline, there is no dearth of practice materials for preparation. At the same time, along with reviewing the core test areas and being focussed, it is always good to start off the preparation for the pretest. It contains the same core topics as in the ASVAB test and contains multiple-choice questions. It follows the same pattern and timings as the original test and also provides the test scores to candidates.

In other words, a pretest is just a pilot version of the test and is in no way different from the ASVAB test; the only difference being that the pretest scores are not used by recruiters for enlisting purposes. Taking a pretest and taking more practice tests/ sample tests in between the test preparations offers many advantages to the test takers.

Importance of a Pre ASVAB Test

When preparing for ASVAB, taking up a pretest would be useful in many aspects ( Some of these are listed below:

  1. First of all, it helps in understanding the potential candidates' plus and minus points at the beginning only. It becomes easier for the candidates to plan and customize the preparation program and plans according to their requirements. With strengths and weaknesses identified early enough, a candidate can easily focus more on the weaker areas.

  2. From the recruiters' point of view, the scores of a pretest often are an indication for a potential candidate's scores in the forthcoming test. Many recruiters use the pretest as a part of their pre-screening activities to choose which candidates should take up this test. For the recruiters, it provides for an opportunity to save resources. Only those candidates who demonstrate a probability of good performance in the AFQT need be administered the actual ASVAB test.

  3. Since the pretest is based on the actual test and follows the same pattern; it also helps the candidates understand more accurately about the test pattern, question types, number of questions, timings for each section, etc.

  4. It also helps potential candidates improve their timings. Since the pretest is modelled on the original test, it becomes possible for candidates to gauge the time they spent on each subtest, and improve the same, if required.

  5. Also, when a candidate understands the score requirements for army enlisting, it becomes easier for him/her to compare the pretest scores against the required scores and thus have realistic target ASVAB scores and prepare accordingly.

Whether as a part of the pre-screening activities, or as a preparation initiative, taking an ASVAB pretest is an important step that potential test candidates cannot avoid. This is because in addition to helping recruiters filter the best possible applicants, it also aids in helping prospective candidates in their preparation for this test.