About AHSGE Test

Parents of high school students are apprehensive regarding the future of their children and how they will fare in their future lives. It is normal for the parents to worry about the standards of education being imparted at high schools. They would like to be convinced that whatever their children are learning at school will be helpful in getting them established in successful and rewarding careers in their futures. Therefore, there is a need for the state Departments of Education to ensure that quality education is being imparted at high schools. As part of one such endeavour, the state of Alabama has increased the standards for grant of a high school diploma, thereby forcing the high schools in the state to maintain a high standard of education so that their students are able to earn their high school diplomas as a proof of their high level of skills and knowledge.

The Alabama High School Diploma

In order to earn the Alabama High School Diploma, you will have to successfully complete the following two parts:

  • Pass the minimum number of required courses, including course work amounting to a minimum of 24 credits. The high schools in Alabama follow the 4x4 curriculum in which there is a requirement of 4 years each of courses in 4 subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English.

  • Pass the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE), Third edition. This exam is basically an assessment of how well you have mastered the subjects learnt while taking the 4x4 curriculum in high school.

Skills Evaluated by AHSGE

AHSGE is designed to evaluate your competence and abilities as compared to what is expected of a high school student about to graduate from Alabama. You will be assessed for your understanding of the subjects that form the core of high school curriculum. There is a lot of emphasis on your abilities to utilize logic for problem solving. The test format is divided into 5 tests sections for evaluating your skills in different subject areas.

1. Reading

This test is an evaluation of how well you can read and understand information provided to you in written form. You will need to possess skills in understanding reading material, interpreting the given information and critically analyzing the information gathered by you. The reading materials provided to you could be in the form of articles, prose, poems, editorials, instruction manuals etc. The test content is of the level of 11th grade reading comprehension. Number of questions: 84 Passing score: 563

2. Language

The Language test is an assessment of your knowledge of language mechanics and how well you are able to express yourself. You are expected to recognize errors in grammar and usage as well as correct sentence structures. You should be able to make correct word choices and utilize the correct method for capitalization and punctuation. In addition, you will be tested for your abilities in effective writing. The test content is of the 11th grade language mechanics and expression skills level. Number of questions: 100 Passing score: 560

3. Math

Your knowledge of Algebra I and Geometry will be evaluated by the Math test. You need to have proficiency in carrying out basic operations on algebraic expressions and you should be able to solve equations. You should also be able to apply functions, formulas, graphs and other basic concepts for solving mathematical problems. 75 percent of the test content will be from Algebra I and 25 percent of the test content will be drawn from pre-Geometry (prior to Algebra I). Number of questions: 100 Passing score: 477

4. Science

This test assesses your knowledge of Biology and Physical Science. You should have an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts of science and the related processes in order to perform well in the test. This includes an understanding of the types and states of matter, the classifications of life, heredity, mutations, DNA, structure and functions of cells, reproduction, population and ecosystems, energy, waves, force and laws of motion. 70 percent of the test content will be from Biology and 30 percent will be from Physical Science (prior to biology). Number of questions: 100 Passing score: 491

5. Social Studies

This test will evaluate your knowledge of the history of the United States. You should be familiar with the history of the United States starting from the colonial eras through World War II. The level of the test content will be the same as that of 10th and 11th grade U.S. History. Number of questions: 100 Passing scores: 509

Taking the AHSGE Test

  • All the questions asked in the AHSGE are multiple-choice questions in which you will have to choose the correct answer from the given answer options.

  • This test is administered six times during the course of your high school studies. The earliest when you can take the test is in the spring of your 10th grade and the last chance for you to take the test is in the spring of your 12th grade.

  • You have the liberty of taking the different subject area tests of the test at different times. You can choose when to take a particular subject area test depending upon when you complete the related subject courses at high school.

  • If you exit school without passing this test, then you can keep taking the test at any of its administrations to meet the requirements for grant of a high school diploma.

  • A very helpful aspect of taking this test is that you will not have to memorize a long list of mathematical formulas for the test. You will be provided with a list of important formulas along with the mathematics test booklet.

  • When students enter their ninth grade, they are provided with the ‘AHSGE Requirements’ brochure from their school. This brochure will provide you with detailed information about the test and its requirements. A portion of the brochure will have to be submitted by you, duly signed by you and your parents. This serves as a proof of the fact that you have received information about this test and its requirements.

Go to the link, http://www.alsde.edu/html/home.asp, which is the website of the Alabama Department of Education for information regarding the exam. The student advisors at your school will also be able to provide you with detailed information with respect to taking the test.

AHSGE Results

The state Department of Education sends your results to your high school in the form of an individual student label with a ‘Pass’ or a ‘Fail’ displayed for each subject area that you have tested for. Your school will receive two copies of this student label, one of which will be placed on your cumulative folder and the other will be handed over to you. Your results will be received by your schools after about six weeks from the date you took the test. It is the responsibility of your high school to inform you about your results.

Passing the AHSGE

If you have failed in a part of the test, you will be told as to which the subject area in which you failed to meet the specified standard is. You will have to take necessary action to improve your skills in the required subject area before retaking that subject area test of the test. You will have to follow a prep schedule that involves prep classes or tutoring programs. Most schools conduct such classes in their premises for assisting students in passing the test. Utilizing such classes will help you in ensuring that you are able to pass the retest.

The Importance of Preparing for AHSGE!

Always remember that it is crucial for you to pass the test as you will not be able to earn your high school diploma if you have failed in a part of the test, irrespective of how well you have done in your required courses at high school. Therefore, do not ignore the importance of taking the test and prepare for it with hard work and dedication, as passing this test is a must for earning your high school diploma from the state of Alabama.