ACT Study Material

ACT is a curriculum based test taken by high school students to get admission in the colleges in US. This test measures the skills and knowledge of the subjects taught in high school. It is conducted five to six times in a school year. ACT is an estimate of a candidate's ability to do well in college. As you know the importance of the test, you have to prepare for the exam in a planned manner. The most important thing in your preparation is choosing the right kind of study resources. Before deciding to buy any, you should do a self evaluation to identify your strengths and weak points. There are a variety of options available in the market like books, software and online study material. All of them are equally meaningful resources. You should discuss them with your friends and your seniors who would have taken this test. You can also research on the web about the different options available. Usually most offer comprehensive study programs. These materials also prepare the students to take the exam with tact to score good marks. To get the maximum benefit, you should be familiar with the test pattern and scoring of the exam.

Test Pattern of ACT

ACT is a timed test which consists of 215 multiple types of questions. Total duration of the test is almost three hours and additional 30 minutes for optional Writing test. It is divided into four sections- English, Mathematics, Reading, Science. All the four sections are scored on a scale of 1-36. You get a composite score also which is an average of the four sectional scores. Usually students find it a very easy test as it is based on the high school curriculum but because of the pattern of the exam they find it difficult to score a high score. That is the reason students need various types of help to improve their performance in ACT.

Some of the choices for study material are discussed below.

ACT Books

Books are a traditional but effective type of resource to prepare for the exam. A book can provide flexibility to your test preparations. In the market there are a number of books that are available so it becomes difficult to choose one book, as all the books claim to be the best for the test. Actually it is better to go for two books to get more variety and practice. But before selecting a book, you should take into consideration few things like a good publishing house and a reputed author of the book gives you credibility. You should take a look at the book reviews. Many internet sites also publish reviews of various books available. You should also make sure the book which you are planning to buy covers all the four sections of the test- English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The book should contain enough practice questions. You can buy these books from your local book stores and there are many websites where you can buy these guides. One of the books is from ACT itself "The Real ACT prep guide". This book provides a thorough knowledge on the test, its format, review of all the topics, practice tests. Cost of this book is $25. You can order this book on the official website.

Online Resources for ACT

There are a number of websites which offer online materials. You can add these to your self study schedule. The main advantage of these are that they provide 24 hours online tutor support. These sites provide a lot of practice tests with solutions and their explanations. The official website (  also provides online test preparation program which offers a comprehensive content review and many practice tests. You can buy this preparation program online by paying an amount of $19.95 for one year.

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