High school students start planning their careers as early as their sophomore year. There is no harm in dreaming of making it big in the career of your choice but the reality is that you cannot achieve anything without sustained hard work in the right direction. It is necessary for you to get admission to a college which will be able to provide you with a platform for realizing your dreams.

A good score in the ACT test will enable you to get admission to a college of your choice. Your scores including the sub scores will be available in the score report. You can decide what additional information you would like to include in your report. The college admission committees get a fair idea of your aptitude for college studies after going through your score report. Therefore, it is necessary for you to put in your best for the test. You should ensure that you are not found lacking in any of the subject areas tested by the ACT as all your test sub scores will also be available for the college admission committee to see. It is absolutely necessary for you to score high in the subject in which you would like to carry out your higher studies or else you may not be considered for admission to the college program of your choice.

Preparation for the ACT test can be initiated by you without having to even step out of your home. In today's technically savvy world, all that you have to do is to log on to the internet and you will get access to unlimited information on any subject. The internet has a vast resource of information for those of you who are planning to take the ACT. Let us now take a look at the features available on the internet for preparation.

ACT Online registration

Online registration is compulsory for students taking the ACT from international test centers. If you are taking the ACT from a national test center then you can either opt for online registration or you can register for the test using the registration packets available at your high school office.

There are a number of advantages of online registration. It is very fast and easy. All that you have to do is create a student account in ACT web site Before entering the details in the registration form, you can search the website for a suitable test center located in your vicinity. You can also check the availability of the test center on your desired test date. The test is administered on six national test dates annually and it is not necessary that all test centers will be available for each of the test dates. The online registration will allow you to ascertain the availability of test centers and test dates as per your convenience.

You get a printed copy of your admission ticket immediately after carrying out online registration. The payment of the registration fees is also very simple in the online registration process. The registration fees are paid online by using a credit card.

ACT Online Practice Tests

You should not wait until you have registered for the test to start your preparation. With effective use of the internet, you will be able to start your preparation whenever you want to. It is advisable to plan your study schedule after taking an initial online diagnostic test. A number of web sites like provide you with free practice tests. You can search the internet for free online practice tests. For the initial diagnostic test, you should look for an online practice test that will provide you with scores at the end of the test. These scores will help you in assessing yourself and identifying your weaknesses. You can then isolate the subject areas where you feel that you will have to put in extra effort.

The next step would be to look for a suitable online preparatory course which will help you in brushing up your skills in the subject areas which need extra attention. Even after enrolling for an online course, you should make it a habit to keep taking as many  practice tests as possible. With every  practice test you will be able to gauge whether you are making any progress or not. If you feel that there is no major improvement then you can plan on changing your study schedule or the study material that you are using for your preparation.

It is generally felt that online practice tests are not very accurate in predicting your performance on the actual test. However, in spite of this drawback, the online practice tests are very useful because, if taken regularly, these tests will reflect the improvements that you are making while preparing for the test. Another major advantage of taking the online practice tests is that they give you adequate practice in answering questions within the time period specified for each subject test. All the subject tests that constitute the test are timed i.e. they have to be completed within a time period. Taking a number of  practice tests will ensure that you are familiar with the time management skills required while taking the actual ACT test.

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