The ACCUPLACER Reading Section

What Skills Does ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension Test Judge?

The ACCUPLACER is an examination that you may be asked to take if you are seeking to get enrolled in a college-level program. This is one of the factors that will be considered by the educational institution at the time of admission. In this article, we will primarily be talking about the Reading part of the test.

What is the ACCUPLACER Reading Section?

The Reading section is one of the three sections that you will find in this examination, the other two being the Math and Writing tests. You will find that this section is also untimed and you can answer all the questions at a pace that is convenient for you. Since this is a computerized test, the questions will be displayed on the computer screen one at a time as you go along and answer them. All the questions that you will face will be in the form of multiple-choice type and there will be five answer options for each question. You will have to read and understand the questions properly and then pick an option that you believe is the correct solution. You will find 20 questions in this part of the test and it is important for you to answer all the questions. Keep in mind that once you choose your answer and move on to the subsequent question, you will not be able to go back and edit the answer of the previous question. This test is adaptive in nature and the difficulty-level of the questions that you will face in the exam will depend on the questions that you have already answered.

Skills Assessed by Reading Comprehension

Since you will be taking the examination soon, you may have a lot of questions regarding the Reading section. One common question that many candidates have is: 'what skill will this test determine'. Have you been having this question on your mind? If you are, then you are not the only one because there are many students like you who would like to know what skills are assessed by this test section. Given below are the two skills that will be determined by the result of this part of the exam:

  • This section is tested to measure the ability of the student to understand the English Language. Through the comprehension passages and questions, it will be possible to determine how well a particular candidate has understood what is being asked and how he is answering those questions. In college, if you are unable to understand what is being taught in the classes then you will not be able to do well in the course that you are pursing. This will ultimately lead to your failing in the program and it will also lead to the wastage of college resources. In order to prevent this, educational institutions can determine this skill of the student through this section.

  • Another skill that will be determined through this section is the ability of the student to read the content that is presented to them and answer the questions based on the same. This will help in determining the summation and assimilation skills of the candidate. It will be pointless to understand the passage and not put that into use through the answering of the questions correctly.

Keep in Mind...

If you wish to score high in the Reading section, you need to start preparing for the same as soon as you can. You cannot wait for the last minute because proper preparation is required if you wish to score high in the exam. There are so many study materials available to help you with your preparation and you will also find many free practice tests online that you can take. These tests will give you a clear idea about how the questions will be asked in the actual exam and they will also give you a good idea about how well you have prepared for the test so far.