Text Completion Practice Test 5

Question 1

Content marketing has a higher return on investment than any other form of (1) ___________. Though this is true, it does not mean that all forms of content marketing will have a high return on investment for your business. It is important to know when (2) __________ are needed to a marketing strategy, including when it is time to pull the plug on a particular aspect of your marketing plan. In a nutshell you want to make sure your marketing efforts are being (3) ________.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. investment
  2. content
  3. marketing
  1. adjustments
  2. changes
  3. reschedules
  1. fruitful
  2. appreciated
  3. rewarded

Correct Answer : marketing, adjustments, fruitful


When we read the first sentence without reading the answer options for the first blank, it clearly dawns upon the reader that the correct answer is ‘investment’. Consequently, we choose that as the correct answer. For the second blank, we select the option ‘adjustments’ because it has a wider scope than the other two options do. Adjustments would mean all sorts of changes including reschedules and pulling the plug on a particular aspect. Hence, we choose that as the correct answer. For the third blank, the option ‘appreciated’ is not as suitable as the other two options are. Out of the two appropriate options, we select ‘fruitful’. A reward is a compensation given for effort, whereas ‘fruitful’ means producing good results or beneficial. In the given context, ‘fruitful’ is more suitable than the word ‘rewarded’ is.

Question 2

There are many devised techniques that are formulated by experts that are geared towards helping individuals with anxiety disorders deal with their problems. Self help anxiety techniques will not be successful if the individual will not fully (1) ___________ them. They need to be acquainted on how they could utilize the technique (2) _________. One would be successful in knowing these techniques if he will just open his mind about the necessity of knowing the worth and setting aside the negative (3) ____________ that come along with the said techniques.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. understand
  2. apply
  3. appreciate
  1. intelligently
  2. efficiently
  3. independently
  1. connotations
  2. feelings
  3. aspects

Correct Answer : understand, efficiently, connotations


The author explains how self-help techniques are to be applied. He says that they will not be successful if the individual does not ‘understand’ them. Understanding the techniques is the first step towards ‘applying’ them. It is only after the application of the techniques that you will ‘appreciate’ them. Hence, the prerequisite of success of self-help techniques is that the individual understand the techniques fully. The correct answer is also evident from the third sentence. For the second blank, we select the option ‘efficiently’. The answer option is clear since it is the most meaningful in the given context. For the last blank, we need to analyze the sentence in light of the complete paragraph. The author supports self-help techniques for helping anxiety. He says that understanding the techniques shall help people deal with their problems. In this case, there cannot be prominent negatives associated with these techniques. The best answer option is ‘connotations’ since it means undertones or implications. The other options go against the conviction of the paragraph.

Question 3

Claripro helps in clearing off the yellow keratin layers from the nails and promotes the growth of healthy nails. The positive effect of this toenail fungus treatment is (1) ____________ within a few days of its use. Moreover, its (2) ____________ action is highly effective in this treatment resulting in a (3) ________ cure for the problem. The highly potential ingredients attack only the fungus and do not cause any damage to the surrounding skin. The natural oils present in the ingredients have a protective action preventing its recurrence.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. evident
  2. prominent
  3. visible
  1. protective
  2. curative
  3. preventive
  1. permanent
  2. successful
  3. natural

Correct Answer : visible, preventive, permanent


The author says that Claripro clears off the yellow keratin layers and promotes the growth of healthy nails. For the first blank, we select the option ‘visible’. The first sentence gives a vivid description of the effect of the medicine, thereby showing that the result is evident and prominent because it is visible. We can see the yellow layers clearing off and the healthy nails growing. For the last two blanks, we understand the correct answers from the last two sentences. The author says that the ingredients attack the fungus only and do not damage the skin, and the natural oils protect the skin and prevent recurrence of the problem. This shows that the treatment has a preventive action that leads to a permanent cure for the problem. For the second blank, we select the option ‘preventive’ and for the last blank, we select the option ‘permanent’.

Question 4

Website content has to be written for two (1) _________ "audiences." You are writing for the people who visit your site and you are writing for the search engines. Both are important audiences. First and foremost make sure your content is well-written or your website visitors will lose (2) ________ in your company. The search engines may not know the difference between good and bad writing but the visitors to your site will. You (3) __________ want to write on a reading level between 6th and 9th grade. Keep your sentences short and clear. Paragraphs should never be longer than four sentences and your content must flow.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. distinct
  2. invisible
  3. valuable
  1. interest
  2. confidence
  3. trust
  1. typically
  2. never
  3. logically

Correct Answer : valuable, confidence, typically


In the given paragraph, the author is drawing our attention to the audiences of a web content. He says that there are two types of audiences and both are important. Though the audiences are ‘distinct’ and ‘invisible’ to the writer, the most important feature of the audiences that the author draws our attention to is that they are both valuable. He makes this clear in the third sentence. For the second blank, the option ‘trust’ is not as suitable as the other options are. When a website has well-written content the readers develop ‘confidence’ in the company as they go through their web content. It is because of their interest in the company that they access the web content and it is their confidence in the company that shall get returns to the company. Bad writing shall lead to a loss of confidence in the company and hence we select this option. For the last blank, we select the option ‘typically’. The option ‘never’ does not fit in logically in the sentence. the rationale behind the choice of level of the level of writing is not mentioned and hence we reject the option ‘logically’. The option ‘typically’ is correct.

Question 5

Cashew nuts are good supportive diet for alleviating depression and one apple consumed with honey and milk also works as (1) __________ remedy for depression. Mixture of juice of Amla and nutmeg powder is also a good remedy, one tablespoon of Amla juice mixed with one-eighth teaspoon of nutmeg powder and consumed daily helps in treating depression. Avoiding excess tea, coffee, alcohol, physical inactivity and beverages also (2) __________ formation of harmful acids and toxins in the body which are harmful for mental health and promote emotional disorders. Mild exercises according to one's capacity, massages, spas and relaxation therapies also works well for curing depression. (3) ____________ free time in hobbies or other interesting activities keeps mind away from negative thoughts.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. natural
  2. instant
  3. temporary
  1. forestalls
  2. avoids
  3. prevents
  1. spending
  2. utilizing
  3. occupying

Correct Answer : natural, prevents, utilizing


The writer gives some tips on how to reduce anxiety. In the beginning, he concentrates on foods that alleviate depression. For the first blank, we cannot select the option ‘instant’ because we would need some evidence to support this choice. Similarly, we cannot opt for ‘temporary’. The sentence does not give any clue for the selection of these options. However, the option ‘natural’ is the correct fit because the given remedies for depression are definitely natural. For the second blank, we check the meaning of each option. To forestall means to guard against beforehand, to avoid means to keep away from and to prevent means to keep from occurring. In the given context, the option ‘prevents’ is the best choice since it is a preventive measure that the author suggests. Avoiding beverages and physical inactivity prevent the formation of harmful acids. For the last blank, we reject the option ‘occupying’ as the other options are more suitable. Out of the two remaining options, the option ‘utilizing’ is more suitable. To utilize means to put to use whereas to spend means to pass time with. The option ‘utilizing’ gives more meaning to the activity undertaken and implies better distraction of mind from negative thoughts.

Question 6

Anxiety is a state of worrying too much over an imaginary scenario or situation. There are various factors unto why a person worries. The feeling of being unsecured with your wealth, relationship, family, and job could also affect your psychological state of (1) ___________. If anxiety disorder would not be addressed while it is still in its (2) ___________ stage it could lead to many other mental problems that are more difficult to address. That is why as early as possible, self-help measures should be employed. One must develop his or her own coping mechanism and technique for him or her not to live with his or her fears (3) __________.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. equilibrium
  2. mind
  3. being
  1. early
  2. initial
  3. infancy
  1. continually
  2. ultimately
  3. eternally

Correct Answer : equilibrium, infancy, eternally


The given paragraph is about anxiety. In the beginning of the paragraph, the author lists some causes for anxiety. He says that being insecure about your assets could lead to anxiety. For the first blank, we select the option ‘equilibrium’. The word ‘psychological’ means mental and hence the option ‘mind’ is irrational. Out of the other two options, ‘equilibrium’ better explains how insecurity leads to anxiety. For the second blank, the correct answer is ‘infancy’. This option shows a stage of development, whereas the other two do not; they just show the beginning of the problem. The word ‘infancy’ throws light on the kind of problem we are discussing; the other two options fail to do so. For the last blank, we need to analyze the context in which the author quotes this sentence. He says that we need to take self-help measures and develop his own coping mechanism as early as possible; else, the problem will become perpetual. The option ‘ultimately’ means lastly or in the end and the option ‘continually’ mean incessantly. These two options do not show how the problem can become out of control. The option ‘eternally’ gives meaning to the author’s suggestion of helping the subject in stages of infancy by showing that the problem shall become lifelong if it is not helped in time. Hence, the most suitable answer option is ‘eternally’.

Question 7

You may discover that some of your content marketing efforts are resulting in sales but not (1) __________. Since every business wants to make money, you need to (2) ________ your marketing efforts to ensure that the only marketing efforts you allocate resources to are those that have a positive return on investment. This is how you (3) __________ your overall Internet marketing initiatives.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. efficiently
  2. business
  3. profits
  1. hone
  2. channel
  3. limit
  1. balance
  2. oversee
  3. manage

Correct Answer : profits, hone, manage


The given paragraph is about content marketing. It is clear from the second sentence that the correct answer for the first blank is ‘profits’. The author says that every business wants to make money and hence profits. You could be getting sales from your content marketing efforts but they need not be profitable. For the second blank, we select the option ‘hone’. To hone means to improve. The author says that you need to ensure that you make efforts only where you are sure to get positive returns. You need to thus, improve your marketing efforts; this would include ‘channeling’ and ‘limiting’ as and where required. For the last blank, we select the option ‘manage’. The author gives suggestions about how marketing efforts need to be honed for gaining profits. He says that you should make sure that resources are allocated to only those efforts that show positive returns. This is a management technique that he mentions. Hence, we select the option ‘manage’ for the last blank. There is nothing in the sentence to suggest that a ‘balance’ is being sought, nor is the reader ‘overseeing’ the affair, as he is actively involved in it. The correct answer is thus, ‘manage’.

Question 8

Behavioral scientists are the first to tell you that your IQ is not (1) __________. You can boost it by eating right, getting exercise, and stimulating brain activity. This summer, help boost your child's IQ by working with them on fun and (2) ___________ activities. Children who read well tend to write well, and writing well, leads to reading well. This powerful combination of reading and writing gives children a boost in their mental capacity. Writing requires reflection, (3) ___________, and problem solving skills. Have your child keep a summer journal, or even a creative writing notebook. When writing they are learning problem solving skills without even knowing it!

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. static
  2. limited
  3. innate
  1. interesting
  2. fruitful
  3. meaningful
  1. innovation
  2. logic
  3. imagination

Correct Answer : static, meaningful, imagination


For the first blank, the option ‘limited’ is not correct as the other two options are more suitable. Out of the two selected options, we finally choose ‘static’ as the correct answer. This word is more meaningful in this context. Even if IQ is innate, the fact that it can be increased supports the idea that it is not static. Hence, we select the word ‘static’ over ‘innate’. For the second blank, we reject the option ‘fruitful’ as the other options are relatively appropriate. The option ‘interesting’ would mean the same as ‘fun’ and using it would lead to a repetition. To give a wider scope and to make the sentence more meaningful, we select the option ‘meaningful’ for the second blank. For the last blank, the option ‘logic’ is rejected as the author already mentions ‘problem solving skills’. Hence, selecting this option would lead to a repetition. Out of ‘innovation’ and ‘imagination’, we choose the latter as it is more suitable. Though writing involves both innovation and imagination, more of imagination is required as one has to imagine the situation being discussed, the idea being put forward, the sentence being structured and he effect of the sentence. Likewise, the complete structure of the writing has to be imagined before it is put on paper. Thus, writing involves more imagination than it does innovation.

Question 9

Claripro is ideal for toenail fungus treatment as it is (1) ________ made up of highly potential natural ingredients following the guidelines of homeopathy. The unique oral and topical formulation of Claripro helps in (2) _________ the beauty and shine of the toenails within a very short span of time. Being devoid of harmful chemicals, results start showing up faster in this toenail fungus treatment. These natural ingredients have been in use for a long time in treating toenail fungus, but the unique formulation of Claripro yielded best results. It is recommended to spray the medicine three times a day under the tongue to produce effective results. (3) ___________ application of this medicine should be carried out with a small brush after wiping the toenails dry.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. partially
  2. majorly
  3. totally
  1. increasing
  2. returning
  3. restoring
  1. external
  2. topical
  3. even

Correct Answer : totally, restoring, topical


For the first blank, we have two clues for the correct answer. In the sentence itself there is mention of guidelines of homeopathy for making the medicine. In the third sentence, the author mentions that Claripro is devoid of harmful chemicals. Hence, we know that Claripro is ‘totally’ made of natural ingredients. The correct answer option is ‘totally’. We know from the text that Claripro is used to treat toenail fungus. We reject the option ‘increasing’ on this basis. Claripro shall help treat the fungus and the beauty and shine of the nails shall ‘return’ or be ‘restored’. Out of these two options, we select the latter. To restore means to bring back to the original condition and to return means to the former position. For the last blank, the correct answer is clear from the second sentence. In Medicine, the word ‘topical’ means applied externally. The author says that Claripro can be taken orally or topically. This is mentioned in the second sentence and it is explained in the last two sentences. Hence, the correct answer option is ‘topical’.

Question 10

Needed accessories or props to (1) ________ the poses in yoga routines have become more popular as this form of exercise and stretching. Some of these props include yoga straps, blocks, mats and blankets or pillows. The use of props allows for more freedom of movement or deeper stretches. They also help with poses that are more (2) ______. Using props in these routines is not hard to learn. Yoga straps are mostly used for stretching to assist with obtaining full (3) ___________ of motion. Many sitting poses that stretch the legs can be enhanced with the use of a strap. Placing it under the instep and grabbing both ends toward you, pulling gently as you lean into the pose will gain further movement into the pose.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. extend
  2. assist
  3. enhance
  1. difficult
  2. important
  3. tiring
  1. range
  2. effect
  3. benefit

Correct Answer : enhance, difficult, range


Careful reading of the complete paragraph makes it clear that the correct answer for the first blank is ‘enhance’. The author mentions in the paragraph that a strap can be used to ‘enhance’ stretching legs in sitting poses. The other options are clearly incorrect. For the second blank, we select the option ‘difficult’. The author says in the preceding sentence that props allow freedom of movement and deeper stretches. In the same line, he says that they also help with ‘difficult’ poses. He does not discuss the importance of any pose and importance of a yoga pose is a subjective issue. Moreover, a difficult pose in yoga can be tiring, but the use of props is for assistance in difficult poses, rather than for making the tiredness less. These are the reasons why we select the option ‘difficult’ over ‘important’ and ‘tiring’. For the last blank, we follow the same argument that we did for the second blank. Props are used to enhance the poses in yoga. They are also used to help with difficult poses. The importance or benefit of the poses is not discussed, nor are we discussing how the poses affect the doer. Yoga straps are used for stretching to obtain the full ‘range’ or extent of a motion. The correct answer option for the last blank is thus ‘range’.

Question 11

The content that you put up on your website is the most (1) ___________ thing that you need to think of. In the same way that a store will do well only if they sell things that people need, you will get people visiting your website only if you give something that people are looking for. Of course it also means that you are entering a crowded market because (2) ___________ unique niche are hard to come by. If you do find one, you are on to a good thing, but even if not, as long as you make the content (3) ____________, you are sure to find takers.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. important
  2. critical
  3. crucial
  1. genuinely
  2. truly
  3. original
  1. interesting
  2. logical
  3. appealing

Correct Answer : critical, genuinely, appealing


For the first blank, we reject the option ‘important’ because it is trivial. The content of a website is definitely important but we need to see why it is so. The correct answer option is clear from the second sentence. The author gives us an example. He says that a store will do well only if it markets those things that people need. Similarly, your website will only be successful if people get something from it that they are looking for. The content is critically judged by the readers and hence, this aspect is ‘critical’ to the success of your website. For the second blank, we reject the option ‘original’ as it means the same as ‘unique’. Out of the remaining options, we select ‘genuinely’ over ‘truly’. ‘Genuine’ means authentic and ‘true’ means free of falsehood. There is a requirement of authentic and unique positions in the market, which will by default be true. Hence, the option ‘genuinely’ is more suitable. For the last blank, we select the word ‘appealing’. The author says that if you make the content appealing and worthwhile, people will automatically get attracted to it and you shall find takers for your content. The content can be made appealing because of its different attributes, which includes ‘logical’ and ‘interesting’ content. Hence, the correct answer is ‘appealing’.

Question 12

Choosing a sleeping bag can be a fairly (1) _________ task - trying to get your head around sleeping bag descriptions, weights and ratings when all you want is to be warm and comfortable in your sleeping bag is a bit of (2) __________. Whether you are preparing for weeks of long warm evenings under the stars or a fun filled weekend of festival camping, this guide has been designed to help you make the right decision to help fit out your festival kit and (3) __________ you for your summer camping trip.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. overwhelming
  2. trying
  3. challenging
  1. challenge
  2. muddle
  3. task
  1. prepare
  2. assist
  3. equip

Correct Answer : overwhelming, muddle, prepare


For the first two blanks, we need to read the complete sentence and get a feel of what the author is trying to convey. He says that the requirement of a sleeping bag is basically for a warm and comfortable sleep. However, there are a lot of things that one has to consider while choosing a sleeping bag, like descriptions, weights and ratings. This task is ‘confusing’ and ‘overwhelming’. The correct answer options are obvious when the author uses the words ‘trying to get your head around’ and ‘when all you want it to be warm’. It shows how the task becomes confusing and occupies your mind. The correct answers for the first two blanks are ‘overwhelming’ and ‘muddle’ respectively. For the last blank, we select the word ‘prepare’. Purchasing a sleeping bag is just a part of preparing for a summer camp trip. The guidance given shall only help you ‘prepare’ for your trip; it cannot ‘assist’ or ‘equip’ you for the trip. Hence, the correct answer for the third blank is ‘prepare’.

Question 13

There is a whole branch of yoga called chair yoga that has (1) _________ exercises one can do in a chair. Rolling one's shoulders forward slowly is (2) _________ for the neck and shoulder areas. Do this slowly for a few minutes. Then reverse directions. You will hit some spots you didn't feel before. Try to keep your mind focused on what you are doing and don't let it (3) _______ to worry about some of your work tasks.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. many
  2. easy
  3. specific
  1. beneficial
  2. specifically
  3. yoga
  1. wander
  2. drift
  3. start

Correct Answer : specific, beneficial, wander


In the first sentence, the author is trying to define what chair yoga is. He says that it is a separate branch of yoga and has exercises that can be performed on a chair. Since it is the definition that the author is giving, he shall not use words like ‘many’ and ‘easy’ since these are subjective and comparative. He will use the word ‘specific’ as it means precise and hence we select it as the correct answer option. In the second sentence, we are given an example of chair yoga. Through this sentence, the author is trying to support his idea and explain how chair yoga is helpful. He says that the exercise is ‘beneficial’ for the neck and shoulder areas. The other options do not bring out the benefit of the exercise. For the last blank, we reject the option ‘start’ since the other options are more suitable. To wander means to stray or digress and to drift means to deviate from a set course. The author is advising the reader to concentrate on his exercise and not to stray or digress towards worry about some issue. We often use the term 'wandering mind' and hence this option is more suitable in the given context.

Question 14

Lastly, while writing, never lose your human voice. While writing it is easy to lose the (1) __________ touch that you give when talking and instead go for a more (2) _________ voice. The only thing that this will serve to do is to make visitors feel (3) __________. This becomes more of a problem as you grow, because as you see more money come in you will start to streamline the content. You need to walk a tight rope here because it is very easy to lose what brought people to your site in the first place while doing this.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. human
  2. personal
  3. casual
  1. importance
  2. professional
  3. modulated
  1. unwanted
  2. bored
  3. disconnected

Correct Answer : personal, professional, unwanted


In the given paragraph, the author is telling the reader how writing is different from talking directly. For the first two blanks, we get the idea of what the author is saying from the first two sentences. He is warning the reader not to lose the 'personal' touch that one can establish through human voice and become more 'professional' in his approach and hence language. The contrast between speaking personally and writing professionally is brought out in this sentence and hence the correct answer options are 'personal' and 'professional' for the first two blanks. For the last blank, we read he second half of the paragraph carefully. The author says that it is easy to get carried away as your venture grows. You have to be careful not to lose the personal element of your writing which had initially attracted people to your content; they felt wanted by your human voice. As you grow, you are likely to be more 'professional' and the visitors might feel 'unwanted' as a result of being 'bored' and 'disconnected'. Their being bored and disconnected leads to their feeling unwanted.

Question 15

All people don't have the same way to laugh at life and it shows that all of them have a different sense of (1) __________. Some people accept things very easily and some take time. People see things differently and so the meaning of humour is different for everyone. Sense of humour depends on a person's point of view. Sometimes we go through very tough situations in life but later on when we recall the same situation, we may find it (2) ________. This is because of change in our (3) _________.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. acceptance
  2. humor
  3. communicate
  1. humorous
  2. ridiculous
  3. trivial
  1. situation
  2. attitude
  3. perspective

Correct Answer : acceptance, humorous, perspective


In the given paragraph, the author is discussing how individual differences come in the way of sense of humor. People have different perspectives and consequently they have different reactions to situations. For the first sentence, the appropriate answer option is 'acceptance'. This is amply clear when we read the first two sentences in continuity. The author says that all people do not have the same way to laugh at life and it depends on their sense of acceptance. Some people accept things easily while others take time. At times, we find a difficult situation of the past 'humorous'. The option 'trivial' is incorrect for the second blank and we select the option 'humorous' because the author uses this word more often. The word ‘ridiculous’ is closer to absurd whereas ‘humorous’ isn’t. hence, the selected answer choice is appropriate. Those who take time may later realize the humor in the situation because of a change in their 'perspective'. The 'situation' does not change since it is a thing of the past and hence we reject this option. We reject the option 'attitude' as it means way of thinking or behaving whereas 'perspective' means point of view. Our point of view changes with time and we can see things differently than we did before.