Sentence Completion Practice Test 2


Although is seems to have been a fixture of the square since the city’s origin, the produce market actually opened only _______.

  • A. enthusiastically
  • B. recently
  • C. frequently
  • D. illegally
  • E. graciously
  • Answer: B


The grave problems that afficted him were the purely _______ ones of hunger, pain and fatigue.

  • A. physical
  • B. imaginary
  • C. irrelevant
  • D. hereditary
  • E. coincidental
  • Answer: A


Her ability to analyze issues fairly and competently has earned her the _______ of even her most _______ peers.

  • A. solicitation.. unbiased
  • B. attention.. sympathetic
  • C. suspicion.. discerning
  • D. reputation.. knowledgeable
  • E. respect.. exacting
  • Answer: E


Until the mid- 1800’s, the occasional reports by European explorers of the existence of gorillas were generally disbelieved and swiftly _______ the realm of tall tales.

  • A. extracted from
  • B. confused with
  • C. relegated to
  • D. compared to
  • E. exalted to
  • Answer: C


The historian’s assertion that there is a _______ of verifiable information about nineteenth-century Native Americans is _______, for there exist many transcripts of authentic oral accounts of their activities.

  • A. wealth.. fallacious
  • B. shortage.. legitimate
  • C. depletion.. irrefutable
  • D. paucity.. erroneous
  • E. surfeit.. implausible
  • Answer: D


This book has neither merit nor distinction, and it all but _______ whatever prestige the author may once have had.

  • A. challenges
  • B. maximizes
  • C. epitomizes
  • D. nullifies
  • E. encompasses
  • Answer: D


Far from exercising a counter influence to intellectual orthodoxy, the movement itself has become a center of _______.

  • A. conformity
  • B. notoriety
  • C. enmity
  • D. theology
  • E. idealism
  • Answer: A


People, being prisoners of _______, have made failing a basic metaphor for failure, from the fall of the stock market to the fall of government.

  • A. politics
  • B. gravity
  • C. greed
  • D. turbulence
  • E. emotion
  • Answer: B


The movie avoids many of the _______ of the novel, bringing into sharper focus characters who originally were amiable or disagreeable _______.

  • A. subtleties.. monsters
  • B. excellencies.. stereotypes
  • C. allusions.. individuals
  • D. particulars.. nonentities
  • E. shortcomings.. blur
  • Answer: E


Even the most insulated and _______ government has to be concerned today about the popular mind; some systems may be less _______ than others, but at some point all must pay attention.

  • A. parochial.. vociferous
  • B. corrupt.. theoretical
  • C. arbitrary.. sensitive
  • D. obscure.. reined
  • E. vibrant.. responsive
  • Answer: C


Explanations given to the patient by the anesthetist prior to surgery often _______ anxiety and _______ the need for analgesics.

  • A. intensify.. counteract
  • B. parallel.. assume
  • C. explore.. prepare
  • D. relieve.. reduce
  • E. ignore.. preclude
  • Answer: D


The jellyfish’s show pulsing action people it in a graceful, seemingly _______ drift, but its tentacles contain poison potent enough to stun a swimming human.

  • A. sinister
  • B. rhythmic
  • C. murky
  • D. harmless
  • E. patient
  • Answer: D


The production’s slight romantic appeal depends on its two stars, who are _______ to watch oven when they are delivering _______ speeches.

  • A. overbearing.. innocent
  • B. farcical.. complex
  • C. attractive.. creative
  • D. impossible.. dull
  • E. pleasant.. empty
  • Answer: E


The murderous capriciousness of Nero infused the Roman Empire with such pervasive _______ that not even the most _______ citizens felt safe.

  • A. distaste.. vulgar
  • B. paranoia.. suspicious
  • C. enthusiasm.. apathetic
  • D. unease.. oppressed
  • E. panic.. distinguished
  • Answer: E


His inclination to succumb to flattery made him _______ to the _______ of people who wished to take advantage of him.

  • A. immune.. predilection
  • B. prejudicial.. intentions
  • C. susceptible.. cajolery
  • D. resistant.. blandishments
  • E. amenable.. rejection
  • Answer: C

Score: 0/10