Critical Reasoning Practice Test 2


You don’t see donkeys laughing; you don’t see buffaloes enjoying a joke. It is only man who can enjoy a joke, who can laugh. Without laughter a man is like a tree without flowers. But the society needs serious people: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Vice-Chancellors, Professors, Popes, and Shankaracharyas, all kinds of priests, teachers, and commissioners. Everybody has to be serious. If they have a sense of humour they will become human. They are expected to be just like machines. Which of the following is the most suitable criticism of the above mentioned idea?

  • A. Humour has to be a part of life and not life itself
  • B. Politicians should be serious men who can shoulder the responsibilities of a country
  • C. Public figures need to have a control over their sense of humour
  • D. If one is conscious of his behaviour in public it does not mean that he is not human
  • E. It is not possible to joke on every occasion
  • Answer: D
  • EXPLANATION:The author emphasizes on the fact that a person should laugh as sense of humour is innate in humans. Further he says that people who can influence the society and are political and religious leaders of a society are not expected to have a sense of humour by others. He does not anywhere say that humour should be life itself and hence A is not suitable criticism. The author does not target the seriousness of politicians alone. Also he tries to say that if these people display their humorous side they will not be accepted by society. He does not say that these people should become less serious towards their work and that is the idea that B opposes. Hence it is not a suitable criticism. C, D and E all criticize the author’s claim. The author is somewhere drawing a comparison between humans and animals in the beginning of the paragraph. Towards the end he says that since political, social and religious leaders do not laugh and remain serious they are not humans. This claim of the author is criticized in D. Hence, D is the correct answer option.


As the streets of Montclair filled with people running errands at noon on a Sunday, 12 people were having a lower-key outing at Starseed Yoga. More and more people stressed by the hamster wheel that is their daily lives, are discovering that they can indeed change their approach, or at least give it a shot. They are taking yoga classes like never before, seeking to reduce stress before heading back to work. What is the most likely reason for the increasing popularity of yoga?

  • A. People are more stressed than before and need to relax
  • B. In order to handle competition in their workplaces people want to increase their efficiency through yoga
  • C. People try to bring about more peace in their lives
  • D. People need to rejuvenate their energies before starting work every Monday
  • E. People want to relax on weekends through yoga
  • Answer: D
  • EXPLANATION:The author does not draw a comparison between the levels of stress now and before and hence we can not say that people are more stressed now than they were before. Hence we reject A. Similarly the author does not mention that increasing competition at work places is the reason why people are practicing yoga. Hence, we reject B. C, D and E are all likely answers. The author tries to emphasize on the point that people attend yoga classes during the weekends. He says that they want to reduce stress for starting work again. Hence we can say that people intend to rejuvenate themselves before starting work on Mondays. Hence, D is the best answer option.


One problem found when teaching skills online is learners' lack of opportunity for skill practice. The online learning environment is deficient in face-to-face interaction, and opportunities for self-regulation make it difficult to ensure learners practice skills despite the positive effects of such practice on skill improvement. Which of the following is the most suitable solution to the problem?

  • A. Advanced technology can be used so that the teacher and learner can face each other at fixed timings
  • B. Online teaching can be supplemented with classes where the teachers and students can interact
  • C. Better software should be developed to give enough practice of the skill
  • D. Self regulation techniques should be made more advanced
  • E. Methods should be developed for the regular and efficient on-line assessment of the skills by experts
  • Answer: E
  • EXPLANATION:Some skills need more than face-to-face interaction in order to be practiced and assessed. Hence, A will not solve the problem. Most on-line teachers and students are not located in the same city and at times they aren’t even in the same country. Hence there can not be a system for organizing classes for the students and teachers to interact. Hence we reject B. It is not just the practice of the skill but also the assessment that poses a problem. Without proper assessment practice is useless as the development can not be monitored. Hence, C is not sufficient. From among D and E, E is a more useful solution. With regular and efficient assessment techniques which give the opinion of experts we can hope to give proper feedback to students who can then make the required improvements. E is the best solution.


You won’t be spending too much money either because all you need to do is change the artifacts, move the furniture around and throw in some interesting new elements like some pottery, paintings, framed pictures etc. The idea is to do rearrange the house in such a way that it looks new to you. Which is the best title for the paragraph?

  • A. Old House New Look No Expenses
  • B. Reset Your House
  • C. New Interiors on a Low Budget
  • D. Just Rearrange and See the Change
  • E. Latest Trend In Home Furnishing
  • Answer: C
  • EXPLANATION:Clearly E is not an appropriate title. The article is not about what the latest trends are. Since the paragraph talks about expenses it is required to mention this point in the title. Thus we reject B and D. Out of A and C we can say that C is more appropriate. Since the paragraph does not suggest that the expenses will be zero we can not accept A. the paragraph only mentions that the expenses will be minimum and that is suggested in C. though C does mention new interiors it does not necessarily imply that new items have to be bought. It here implies rearranging the things. C is the best title for the paragraph.


Is there anything interesting happening in your neighbourhood or school? Is there something you would like to share with the readers of the YW in the column of the Kaleidoscope? Then write to us in not more than 100 words giving your name, school and place. Poems will not be accepted. Your feedback is also welcome. Which of the following is most significant assumption of the publishers of the advertisement?

  • A. Children require an opportunity to exhibit their writing abilities
  • B. Children like to see their name in print in a leading daily
  • C. Nurturing talent at an early age is important
  • D. Children can not write very long passages
  • E. Children require a medium to express their views
  • Answer: E
  • EXPLANATION:D is not an assumption of the publishers. It is because of the fact that the publishers think that children can write more than 100 words that they have tried to put a word limit in order to avoid receiving very long articles. Hence we reject D. Clearly all of the others are assumptions of the publishers. Out of these we are looking for the most significant assumption. We can reject B as it is not such an important factor. C does not emphasize on the ability of children to write well. It is just a general statement. Hence we reject it. Out of A and E we can say that E is a more appropriate answer option. Since the advertisement tries to tell children to write about what is happening in their neighbourhood and school we can say that the publishers want to give them an opportunity to express their ideas and views about things happening around them. Moreover it is clear that the publishers do not want to receive poems and writing poems is also a form of writing. Hence the publishers do not intend to encourage the writing abilities as much as they want children to get a chance to express their views


The U.S. State Department is ready to receive an unusual guest from Pakistan – an orphaned snow leopard cub. Thirteen-month-old Leo is being sent to New York after surviving both the loss of his parents and the Pakistan earthquake. He was found in the snow-hit north of the country last year by a shepherd who hand fed him to keep him alive. The snow leopard is one of the world’s most endangered big cat species. The shepherd’s family cared for the animal for several months, but he grew too big and he was handed over to the authorities. Officials say that under the terms of the agreement, Pakistan will receive help from the U.S. to develop a snow leopard conservation centre. What is the most significant thing that a reader can infer about the U.S. from the passage?

  • A. The country is willing to take care of Leo
  • B. The country can be trusted by other countries to be capable of taking care of endangered animals
  • C. The U.S. has provisions enough to take care of endangered species.
  • D. The U.S. supports other countries in their programs to conserve wild life
  • E. The U.S. is ready to set up a snow leopard conservation centre wherever it is required
  • Answer: D
  • EXPLANATION:A is certainly not the correct answer option.The reader can clearly infer much more significant things from the paragraph. We cannot say that E is correct as the U.S. has only agreed to help Pakistan to set up the conservation center.And that too in exchange of Leo. We can not say to what extent shall the U.S. help Pakistan and in which way.Hence we can not say that E is correct. Out of B, C and D, we can say that the most significant inference is D.Any country which has the ability to take care of endangered species will be trusted by other countries in the matter.What is very significant about the U.S. is that it is willing to support Pakistan and hence we can infer that it will extend its support to any other country as well.D is the best answer


Who doesn’t dream of giving their house a fresh new look this festive season? But if budget constraints are stopping you, fret not. Sometimes giving your house a fresh new look is all about making the best choice. If planned nicely you don’t really need to spend a fortune. To give a room a new twist you just need to focus on any one aspect of the décor – colour, lighting or furnishing. Which of the following is mostly likely the advice of the author of the above paragraph?

  • A. Repainting the entire house might cost a bomb, but painting one wall with a bright hue can actually spruce up the look of the entire room.
  • B. Nothing adds more drama to the interiors as a planned mix and match of sheers and drapes on the windows.
  • C. Colourful cushions in varying sizes and shapes can be placed strategically to give a new look to any pieces of old furniture.
  • D. Give modern, minimalist interiors a twist with some ethnic artifacts
  • E. Traditional set-ups can be rehashed with the modern artifacts and given a contemporary edge.
  • Answer: A
  • EXPLANATION:C only talks about furniture. It does not talk of the complete interiors as such. Hence we reject it. D talks about placing ethnic artifacts. The author talks about giving a new look only keeping the lighting, furnishing and colours on mind. Placing artifacts are a step ahead of the author’s suggestions. Hence we reject D. Similarly E also talks about the settings of the house rather than the lighting, furnishing or colours. Hence we reject E. Out of A and B we can say that the author could have advised A. The point expressed in A very clearly covers the main idea presented by the author. B on the other hand could be the second best choice. Hence we say that A is the correct answer.


In the 17 months after my father’s death and cremation, my mother spent more time at work than at home, and I was mostly home alone by myself. I chopped off my hair because I wanted to look as bad as I felt. I’m 21 now, but that year I was only 11. What is the most likely reason for the author to cut his hair?

  • A. He felt that people should look at him and feel sorry for him
  • B. He wanted to give respect to his deceased father
  • C. He did not like to keep his hair long
  • D. He did not want people to think that he was enjoying life after his father’s death
  • E. He did not want people to take notice of how he felt.
  • Answer: D
  • EXPLANATION:We have no reason to believe that B or C is correct. Hence we reject both. The author did not think that he could avoid people. He knew that they would look at him. That is why he was bothered about the way he looked. He clearly says that he wanted to look as bad as he felt. This in itself shows that he did not expect anyone not to take notice of how he was doing. Hence we reject E. Out of A and D, we choose D. What A conveys is that he tried to attract people and gain sympathy. But the paragraph does not suggest this. The author claims to be alone at home most of the times. This also indicates that he avoided people. Because of being very young at that age he must have been insecure. So he did not want people to misinterpret him. Hence he donned a look of unhappiness so that people did not think that he was having a nice time. Hence we can say that D is the best option.


Annie - Everyone is so well dressed during Christmas and New Year that at times it’s hard to stand out in a room full of beautiful people, but the task isn’t hopeless. You can still manage to get more than a second look with help of the right dress, bag and shoe. Which of the following would Annie most agree with?

  • A. Sam – No one in a party has the time to look at others. Everyone is bothered about his own self.
  • B. Amy – The right get-up is useless unless you carry it off well
  • C. June – The most important thing is the make up.
  • D. Mary – One outstanding accessory is enough rather than being different in every aspect.
  • E. Sally – Parties are for enjoyment and you should just not bother about looks or you will not enjoy.
  • Answer: B
  • EXPLANATION:Annie clearly takes notice of how others look in parties. She would thus not agree with Sam. Sally does not give any importance to looks and Annie on the other hand gives too much importance to it. Hence she would not agree with Sally. Annie has already thought deeply about the issue. And she has concluded that three things are very important to manage. She would not agree with June’s idea that make up is the most important thing. On similar lines we can say that she would not agree with Mary. While all others fail to be convincing enough Amy only adds one more point to Annie’s observations. She tells her that it is not just the correct choice of things but also the correct presentation that is required. Hence she is accepting Annie’s views and giving her some extra knowledge. Hence Annie would agree the most with Amy.


While the life-expectancy gap between men and women has shrunk to five years, the narrowest since 1946, it is no secret that men still need to pay more attention to their bodies. Which of the following is the most suitable reason for the above?

  • A. Men tend to drink and smoke more than women and generally tend to have less healthy lifestyles.
  • B. Men do not seek medical help as often as women.
  • C. Men tend to join in fearless, risky, dangerous behaviour more often than women.
  • D. Men largely define themselves by their work, which adds to stress and to being disconnected from their emotional side.
  • E. Men do not accept that they are sick and need help.
  • Answer: B
  • EXPLANATION:D only talks about the mental stress that men face. This is only one aspect of health and hence we reject E. We have to compare the remaining. Where A and C tell us why men fall ill B and E tell us why they do not survive illness. Clearly we can not accept A and C over B and E. Hence we reject them. Out of B and E we can choose B. Recognizing the cause of disease is different from acting on eliminating it. Even if a person accepts that he is sick and needs help it is useless until he seeks help. Hence we can say that the most important reason for the difference is that men do not seek help even if they need it. Hence B is the best answer option.


A leading child psychologist and education consultant gives the following advice on how special children should be dealt with. Which of the following is the most unimportant advice given by her?

  • A. Accept that the child is not diseased.
  • B. Do not frustrate the child.
  • C. Slow learners should be exempted from some subjects.
  • D. Make them answerable for themselves.
  • E. Seek professional help about how the child should be looked after.
  • Answer: C
  • EXPLANATION:All of the above points are useful. But we have to choose the most unimportant point. We can see that C is a slightly controversial point. On one hand we are advised not to treat such children as diseased and to make them responsible. And on the other hand we are advised to exempt slow learners from some subjects. This point need not be applicable to all slow learners but only to some. Hence we can say that C is the most unimportant point.


Invitation cards are now more stylized than ever. When two doctors got married in the city lately, they sent out cards rolled and put in syringes. Another couple sent out their marriage anniversary party’s invitations in the form of a booklet with the most significant moments of their lives. The trend is now catching the attention of children also who want a unique invitation card for their birthday parties.Which of the following is the most suitable criticism of the above trend?

  • A. Some such cards can not be posted and have to be delivered specially.
  • B. Some of these cards are worded in a stylish fashion and get difficult to interpret.
  • C. Invitation cards are only to inform the guest about the program or schedule.
  • D. These cards are nearly five times costlier than the usual cards.
  • E. The event loses its importance and the card becomes the main attraction.
  • Answer: C
  • EXPLANATION:All of the above points are valid criticisms. But we have to choose the most suitable criticism. Since B only talks about special cases we reject it. We also reject A on the same basis. Out of C, D and E, we can say that C is the best criticism of the trend. It attacks the whole concept of designing such cards. Cards are only meant for inviting the guest and informing them about the program. They need not be so elaborate at all. E and D on the other hand do not strongly criticize the paragraph. Hence we can say that C is the best answer option.

Score: 0/10