TOEFL Writing Samples

Learning from the essays  that you might come across during your preparation must be characterized by practicing writing other essays.You will learn more about them if you write more of them by yourself. In fact, you can find a number of topics that will be equivalent to the happenings in your daily life itself. From newspapers, magazines and books, you can choose some article or a point and write an essay supporting your opinion of the idea. This will help develop your writing skills a lot.

Blogs are a very good source for learning writing tips. They often contain the opinions of individuals and hence you will have a better understanding about the etiquette to be followed while expressing your opinion. Moreover, you will be required to substantiate your expression in a convincing manner. Editorials in any media, be it print or TV, contain valuable explanations and presentation tips that will be of much help to you while writing essays.

Following is a sample essay. You may read it carefully to understand the nuances of good essay writing. 


It has been said, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?


Knowledge is what every human being craves for. In some or the other form, every human being, the one with a purpose and the one without any, will lead, consciously or unconsciously towards gaining knowledge. We follow different paths and will be led to different destinations but with some knowledge throughout the journey. There are people who have studied exceptionally well, researched upon their area of study and have remained unnoticed and there are those who have gained knowledge by self-understanding, intuition and have become world-renowned icons. In both the cases, it is knowledge that is common.

The given quote, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books" seems paradoxical. Books have all been written by human beings who have learned important things which they felt must be shared. Therefore, knowledge from experience has come first when compared to that gained from books. Since the time when preaching has become an organized setting with a curriculum that acts as a constraint, knowledge from books has become more important than that we gain from experiences and self-understanding and self-exploration. You might not come across experiences that will help you gain the amount of knowledge that will be gained through studying from books. Consider the instance of apple-dropping on Isaac Newton. Newton postulated a theory based upon his explorations upon the question and has written a proven theory known to us as the Law of Gravitation. Based upon his theory, there have been many other theories that have shaped the course of various present-day modern technologies. So, if Newton wouldn't have written a book based upon the knowledge that he gained through experience, exploration and understanding, we would perhaps still be trying to solve the puzzle of why an apple falls to the ground!

The knowledge that all the books share provides you an understanding of various concepts and then ignites in you a desire to explore further. However, the above statement explains the difference in a broad way. Consider trivial experiences like getting burns when you touch a hot object, which need not be recorded. Even if such knowledge from trivial experiences are recorded, you might not need a book to tell you what to do when you touch a hot object. It is learning from instincts and experiences.

In conclusion, knowledge from books is more important than the knowledge you gain from experiences in the present day world. If you can question the reality of knowledge from books and can prove your question, studies, understandings will all be recorded into a book to be studied by some other knowledge seeker.