TOEFL Writing Sample

In the iBT writing section, you will have to write essays for two tasks. Each task will be allotted 25 minutes. In order to present this section finely within the allotted time, you require good writing skills. Moreover, you will be given only one topic for each task and hence there will not be any choice. You will have to write the essay even though the given topic is not of your interest. It is suggested that you maintain a word-length of 225-300 approximately.

Reviewing your essay is as important as writing it. Hence, you must manage your time so that you write the essay and then review it to correct any trivial mistakes that you might have made. You can find many essays for preparation online, reading which you can improve your writing skills. Given below is a sample essay for your understanding.


What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.


A leader or a supervisor or boss is the one who leads a team in order to achieve a particular result. The concept of working together in groups with each group being headed by a leader who is more experienced than the other team members is very old. Since ages, wars, administrations and ruling of cities have all been achieved well due to effective leaders. In the present day world, the concepts like effective team management and leadership have a very broad meaning. Mostly, modern day corporate businesses have revolutionized the importance of a leader.

Some of the most important qualities that a good supervisor or boss must possess can be listed as follows:

  • Responsibility. A good leader must take up the responsibility for a failure on behalf of the team and must involve the whole team in learning from failures.

  • Attitude. Attitude naturally has a direct effect upon all the team members. A leader possessing a good attitude certainly inspires all the team members to work with dedication.

  • Balanced supervision. A good supervisor must never be too hands-on with the team mates and also must not be too hands-off. He/she must be monitoring the team's efforts in a balanced manner.

  • The feeling of 'We'. A good leader must always feel the process of working as 'We'. He/she must inspire the feeling of 'We' in all the team members in order to bring out great results. When you work in teams, every individual's effort counts. So, certainly, when a leader works along with the team members creating an aura of 'We' feeling, then every team member realizes the importance of collective effort and contributes their best.

The explained leadership qualities can be understood better with an example. Consider MK Gandhi for instance. He led the Indian freedom struggle and stood as the winning face of the Indian independence. He stood by the Indian citizens and took the responsibility of riots by going to jail. He reflected an attitude that spoke of an unflinching desire towards achieving independence. He strategically managed the different parties of Indian politics in order to bring out a united revolution that defined the course of Indian struggle towards freedom. Needless to say, he was never aloof from common people and stood with the masses of India. Success followed.

So, the qualities that ought to be possessed by a good leader have been explained. Any team is expected to achieve the desired results. The said qualities are all so important to achieve results because only a leader with these qualities can make every individual team member be involved in the work and contribute to the success of the team.