Practicing For The TOEFL Writing Section

Where Can You Find Material for TOEFL Writing Practice

The TOEFL is the most widely accepted standardized English test around the globe. People around the world take this test to prove their proficiency in the English language. The test requires a test taker to mobilize multiple skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking in order to complete tasks specified on the test. In order that you achieve a high score, you will have to hone each and every skill required to communicate in the English language. Depending upon your location you will either take the internet-based test or the paper test. All important information about this test is available on the official website at:

It has four sections of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Each section is allotted a specified amount of time and a test taker is expected to complete that section within the stipulate time. The Writing section on the test lasts 50 minutes in total. A test taker is to complete 2 writing tasks, one of which will be an essay based on listening and reading tasks and the other will be an essay or opinion about a particular matter. In order to prepare for the test there are materials available over the internet which can be found free of cost or purchased at a nominal price. Below are some useful links where you can find material for practicing the writing section.

This is an online portal that explains to a test taker what is expected in the Writing section during the test. A test taker may use the samples given on the website and compare their responses with the model answers provided for better understanding. The website gives the test taker tips and pointers about how to respond to the writing tasks and provides examples with audio as well as written reference content as given on the test day. To read more about this material visit the official website at:

As many others, this is yet another website that provides test takers with practice materials for writing section. It trains test takers for this part of the test by explaining to them the pre-requisites of a high score in the section as well as by teaching with examples. A test taker can also choose to read other test taking tips and strategies at length as well as use the online practice and other material available on the website. To read more about the same visit the following link: The website provides ten important tips which every test taker must read.


The guidelines given on this website give you clear instructions and lessons on how to write good essays. The website has explanatory matter that tells you how you should structure, write and present your responses in the Writing section. There are additional samples available on the website so that a test taker can even practice questions for this section. To read more about this material visit the following link:

This is yet another web portal that also gives information and tips on the other sections of the test. You will find numerous unique strategies for practice. If you put to use the advice you read, you will definitely achieve a good score on the Writing section of the test. After you have read the important pointers and guidelines you can also use the sample topics to practice for the test and then evaluate your response to see how well you have performed. To read more about this, visit the link: