TOEFL Tutoring Options

How Does TOEFL Tutoring Help

Proper preparation is of paramount importance if you want to fare well in the examination. However, the method of preparation depends entirely on you. But when you select a preparatory method take into account your requirements as well as your strengths and weaknesses. One of the preparatory means that you can consider is enrolling in one-on-one sessions with a qualified tutor. Tutoring is offered by both institutes as well as individuals. Some features of a tutoring course are discussed in the following section.

Help Offered by TOEFL Tutors

You should enroll in a course only if you feel that you require personal help or if you have traveling or time constraints. According to your requirements, you can enroll in an online or a live course. But, before you enroll in any course ensure that the course is customized according to your requirements.

Since live courses are usually more expensive (because you will get personal attention from a tutor), it is better if you know the exact help the tutor will offer to you.

When you enroll in a session with a tutor ensure that he/she provides the following services:

  • Your tutor should try and help you to identify your weaknesses and then teach you techniques to overcome them.

  • The tutor whose course you have enrolled in should teach you how to develop a strong English vocabulary. This is important since it will test your skill with the language in academic scenarios. Thus, it is essential for you to have a strong vocabulary in English so that you can understand and hence analyze the questions properly.

  • Your tutor should teach you to speak coherently as well as develop your grammatical skills. Although small grammatical errors will be overlooked in the Speaking section, yet a major grammatical error can alter the entire meaning of what you are trying to say. Moreover, a good groundwork in grammar will help you ace this test.

  • Your tutor should guide and help you with selection of test dates, centers and the admissions process too.

A holistic approach is very essential on the part of the tutor to help prepare a candidate for any examination. Some courses that you can consider are discussed in the following section.

TOEFL Tutoring Courses to Help You Ace the Examination

There are a number of institutes offering proper tutoring courses to prepare you. Some of them are as follows:

  • The course offered by Manhattan Review is designed keeping in mind time and traveling constraints that are often faced by candidates preparing for the examination. Thus, if you cannot travel to attend classes you can ask the institute to make alternative arrangements or enroll in their online course. The course will be designed according to your requirements. If you have already enrolled in a separate preparatory course offered by the institute, then too you can enroll in the tutoring course if you feel you need additional help. Their courses are offered in the form of packages whose price ranges from $60 to $200. Their courses are offered not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world. If you need further information then click on the following link:

  • The Princeton Review has been preparing candidates for the test for more than a decade. Moreover, they prepare candidates for other international examinations too; hence their tutors are highly experienced. They also have a record of having produced successful candidates and if you do not get the score you wish to then your tuition fees will be refunded. You also have the freedom to choose the type of tutor that you want. The course will be designed according to your requirements. If you need more information about the course offered by them then click on the following link:

  • The Premium Tutor is an organization that offers tutors who provide one-on-one sessions online as well as in person. The specialty of this organization is that if you require then the tutors can even come over to your place and help you with your preparation. You also have the freedom to select a tutor based on years of experience or the rate he/she charges. If you need more information about this organization then click on the following link:

  • TOEFL Tutors is a free online tutoring service. They provide free preparatory materials and study guide. However, as the website suggests, their free services are not sufficient to prepare you for the examination. So it is better to enroll in their paid services. They offer help even with selection of test dates and centers. If you require more information about their services then click on the following link:

Based on the afore-mentioned list, you can now choose the type of tutoring you need. After you have decided the kind of help you need, enroll in the services of a tutor and start preparing for the examination. But remember, irrespective of the help you get the responsibility of sincerely preparing for an examination rests on you.