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Perfect Evaluation

It has been claimed by the authorities that this is a fair system where TOEFL testing is computerized and the scoring is done automatically. The technology has certainly given a good platform for the conduct of the examination but certain skills cannot be fully examined by iBT. Like in case of the speaking section though the TOEFL testing takes care of the fact that whether the word has been spoken correctly or not but it does not take into account the speed and fluency with which the language is being spoken. Also in an overcrowded test center the noise of adjoining students appearing for the test can be disturbing and may interfere in your answers.

Types of TOEFL Testing Guide

Since TOEFL is not an exam which you have an experience of, you need good TEOFL testing guide to help you through it. A TOEFL testing guide is required to make you familiar with the test and plan the preparation according to the requirements of the test. TOEFL Testing guide also makes sure that you prepare for it in the best possible way. TOEFL testing guide can either be a book for preparation, or it can be TOEFL preparatory software. TOEFL testing guide also comes in form of a teacher or tutor of a coaching institute. Another form of TOEFL testing guide is the online guide. All these types of TOEFL testing guides have different features and should be selected by keeping in mind your personal needs.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of TOEFL and the types of questions have always been under a scanner and require the guidance of the right TOEFL testing guide. TOEFL testing concentrates on obscure rules that may not be applicable to the day to day activities in an academic institution and thus tends to deviate from the basic aim of TOEFL testing. Many students in English speaking countries may themselves fail to qualify if they are required to appear for this test. The organizers may like to make it as close to the main aim of conducting the exam as possible.

Actually according to critics, TOEFL testing has become more of a commercial issue and a big industry than a test of English as a foreign language. There are so many students appearing for the test. A large number of teachers are getting trained to teach students about getting high score in TOEFL and a large number of institutes are conducting classes to prepare the students for the exam. Also there are so many web sites being hosted and also books are being published on the subject.

Good or bad, TOEFL testing, which is being accepted by a large number of institutes, is here to stay at least in the near future. The aim of TOEFL testing is to check your capabilities in understanding the English language and your ability to use it and it has been performing the role reasonably well. So if you are planning to get admission in any of the institutes in English speaking countries, you have to get a high score in TOEFL and prove your merit over the others.

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