TOEFL Exam Registration Guide

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2. TOEFL Exam Registration By Telephone:

Some institutions allow the student to undertake the TOEFL exam registration through telephone. The student should call three days before the TOEFL test date. A good TOEFL exam registration guide can help you in this regard.

3. TOEFL Exam Registration By Fax

The TOELF test registration can be done via fax. If the student wants to register through fax, then he should consult a TOEFL exam registration guide and send his TOEFL exam registration fax seven days before TOEFL test day.

4. TOEFL Exam Registration BY Mail Or Courier:

The student can get the TOEFL exam registration done by mail or courier. He should fill up the TOEFL exam registration form, prepare the draft and mail it to the TOEFL test center. The TOEFL exam registration form must reach the center three weeks prior to the test day.

5. TOEFL Exam Registration By Hand

The student can himself go to the TOEFL exam registration center and get the TOEFL exam registration done. A TOEFL exam registration guide makes sure that the student provides all the required documents so that he doesn't face any problem while filling up the TOEFL exam registration form.

TOEFL Exam Registration Payment

Since paying the TOEFL fees is a major task involving a transaction of considerable amount of money, it is advised to take the help of TOEFL exam registration guide. The student can pay for the TOEFL exam registration through credit or debit cards. The payment should be done in one go. The student should pay the entire left over amount incurred from the ETS tests in which he might have appeared earlier. At the time of making the payment for the TOEFL test registration, the student must mention the name of the bank whose bank drafts, money orders or cheque's he is depositing along with its address. A TOEFL exam registration guide helps you to in this since all drafts are not drawable in international banks.

The student getting the TOEFL exam registration done should pay through money order, credit or debit card, bank drafts. Payment can also be made through international money order or authorization voucher. The payment made through cash or demand drafts at the time of TOEFL exam registration will not be accepted.

After the TOEFL exam registration process is completed successfully, the student will be issued with a TOEFL exam registration number, printed on his admission card.

Timely and accurate registration with the help of TOEFL exam registration guide is suggested as it leaves you with time to prepare for the exam and you are free of any burden of registration. You can concentrate on your studies better if TOEFL exam registration is taken care of by a good and responsible TOEFL exam registration guide.

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