TOEFL Test Preparation Guide

Preparation for an exam like TOEFL is really a difficult task. The preparation for the test has to start from scratch as most of the students are not even aware of the basic information about the exam. A good TOEFL test preparation guide will be the one which prepares you completely for TOEFL. It should give you good knowledge about the subject, give you confidence, and familiarize you with the format of the test and the test conditions. So the aim of TOEFL test preparation guide should be to prepare you well for all the aspects of the test starting from answering all your queries about the test to keeping your calm during the exam and getting a good score at the end.

Proper Planning

A good TOEFL test preparation will require proper planning, good guidance and dedicated effort from a student. At the beginning itself you should plan for your TOEFL test preparation. You should give yourself adequate time by starting well in advance and pacing up your preparation in a planned manner. There should be a time plan to divide your time correctly between your study and practice. Adequate time should be spared for practice tests as well. You should have good books and tutorials. You should also visit the official web site of ETS or Education Testing Service (the organizers of TOEFL) before starting your preparation. This will give you a detailed explanation about the test and its requirements.

Good Guidance

Along with good planning, good guidance becomes very important for TOEFL test preparation. There are a large number of guide books and web sites which work as TOEFL test preparation guide. It is advised that you choose a good guide or a web site at the earliest. The guide book should be complete in all the respects and should help you to achieve the goals mentioned above. It should have adequate study materials on all the four sections of TOEFL along with sufficient practice questions and practice tests. Some of the good TOEFL test preparation guides that are suitable for preparation for TOEFL are, The Official Guide to the New TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Secrets, Delta's Key to the TOEFL Test, Barron's How to Prepare for the TOEFL Essay, Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM and Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test.

You also have an option to join any good TOEFL test preparation guide center or coaching institute. These institutes prepare you for the exam in a formal manner. They are well equipped in terms of teachers, study materials and classrooms. They also have adequate experience in the field and are helpful in your preparation. There are times when it becomes difficult for you to stay motivated. At that time, teachers and fellow students at the institute become a great company and morale boosters. Most of the students use these TOEFL test preparation guide centers for guidance and to keep their preparation and study regular.

Information About TOEFL

It is required that your TOEFL test preparation guide should familiarize you with the format of the exam, registration procedure, fee structure, examination centers, and the marking scheme. You should also be aware of the details of the institute you are likely to get admission in, like the institute code which is required for reporting of the score, minimum TOEFL score acceptable which you will be required to score higher than to get admission. TOEFL is an exam that is divided into four sections of 30 marks each. In the reading section, the time is 60-90 minutes and there are a total of 36 -70 questions. The listening section has been allotted 60-100 minutes and there are a total of 34-51 questions. After a break there is the speaking section. Speaking section, which is the shortest, has been allotted 20 minutes and there are six tasks of two different types to be done in the assigned time. The writing section lasts for about 50 minutes and you are expected to carryout six tasks in this time.

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