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Reading Section

The time allotted for the reading section is 60-90 minutes. There are a total of 36 -70 questions and the total marks allotted for the section are 30.

Listening Section

The listening section has been allotted 60-100 minutes. There are a total of 34-51 questions and the total marks are 30. You are also allowed to make notes while listening to the conversations.

Speaking Section

Speaking section is the shortest of all the four sections. This section has been allotted 20 minutes. There are six tasks of two different types to be done in the assigned time. The first task requires you to speak about the assigned topic whereas in the second task you are required to assimilate what you read and hear and speak about the same.

Writing Section

In the writing section you have to type your answers. There are two types of questions in this section. This section lasts for about 50 minutes. You are expected to carryout six tasks in this time.

In order to attempt the question of all sections to the best of your level you need to concentrate on TOEFL exam prep. TOEFL exam prep also makes you quick at answering the questions, and teaches you time saving techniques.

TOEFL Exam Prep for Conduct in the Exam Hall

It is very important that you do not panic during the exam. The state of panic is possible if you have not done a good TOEFL exam prep for any of the three parts above. It is also possible if you reach late at the exam center or you are not carrying the required writing material along with you. It is advisable to reach the exam center at least 30 minutes in advance to avoid panic. You should be in possession of an identification proof and your appointment confirmation number. You will not be allowed to carry any calculator, cellular phones, pagers etc into the examination center. During the exam you should appear according to a time plan. You should not waste time on one question. In case you are confused, you should leave that question to handle it later. Time is very critical in TOEFL. As the exam is conducted online, you should be well versed with use of a keyboard and a mouse. This will be helpful in saving time during the test. All this can be achieved only with a thorough TOEFL exam prep.

TOEFL exam prep is a combination of the four different parts. A good thorough study, dedicated and sincere practice, familiarization with the format and directions of exam and confidence during the exam should help you to get a high score during the exam. A correct balance of these four elements in your TOEFL exam prep plan is very important.

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